Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has stated on TV that Sindh is not given its share of water while Karachi needs it most of all. The fact is that Sindh denies to store water in KBD when it has a share of 37% of 6.1 MAF i.e. equal to Punjab which has 73% of irrigated area of Pakistan while Sindh has only 15% of irrigated area of Pakistan. This means that Sindh in its blind Opposition to Punjab itself denies storage of water in KBD while its share of 37% in all future storages was assured in 1991 Water Accord. It is said that you can awaken a sleeping man but you can’t awaken an awake man. CM Sindh should get out of stupor so that reality is seen by him that Sindh’s Opposition to KBD means denial of 37% stored water which Karachi needs it badly. It is foolhardy to hope for supply of additional water to Sindh and Karachi if C.M. Sindh refuses to utilize 37% of stored water in its share while complaining at the same time that it is not getting its share of water.  

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti 

15 July.