LAHORE: Snakes are usually considered dangerous but it is surprisingly to know according to an estimate, there are 3,000 kinds of snakes globally but about 375 snake species are venomous and only small fraction are dangerous to human beings.  

Lahore Zoo on Saturday celebrated World Snake Day along with world in collaboration with Vet Care Club. Non-venomous snakes like Indian python, Ball Python were put on display for the public. The purpose of whole thing was to create awareness about snakes. On the occasion, large number of school children were also present who made drawings on their faces. The Zoo staffers informed the visitors about different kinds of snakes, and likely threat from them.  

Punjab Wild Life and Parks Director General Khalid Ayaz Khan, Lahore Zoo Director and Deputy Director Zahid Ali and Education Officer Kiran Saleem were present on the occasion. The DG in his message said every animal has a certain role and to maintain the balance of the earth every animal should be given opportunity to live.