JHANG - Taking advantage of the shortage of petrol at all filling stations in the district, the dealers, petrol pump owners and oil agencies owners are selling adulterated inferior quality petrol in black at the rate of Rs130 to Rs160 per litre. In the rural area, the situation is even worst and alarming, petrol have vanished from pumps, making Wednesday the 4th consecutive day of sufferings for the motorists particularly of government employees. Long queues of vehicles and motorcycles were seen waiting in the hot summer for hours at petrol pumps and even then were supplied at much lower scale in order to cater to the needs of maximum motorists. Long unscheduled loadshedding and now coupled with shortage of petrol have made the life of people miserable. Despite repeated demands and protest of people the practice of black marketing goes unchecked. While the Tehsil and District administrations appeared helpless and indifferent to address the situation. The people of the district demanded the government to take steps to end the shortage of petrol and diesel.