ISLAMABAD - An application has been moved in the Supreme Court by the main accused of Bank of Punjab Rs 9 billion loan scam, Sheikh Afzal, praying for fair trial as envisaged in Article 10-A of the Constitution. Ahmed Awais filed the miscellaneous application on behalf of Sheikh Afzal in the Supreme Court against the proceedings of the apex court in BoP Rs 9 billion loan scam case. The petitioner questioned whether right of appeal is an inherent right, and whether taking away right of appeal has been declared ultra vires to the Constitution by the Supreme Court. Whether 'fair trial permits any agency to snatch away the jewellery, ornaments and wrist watches from the persons of female members of the applicants family, he added. He said if these coercive actions were being taken against females and minor children under the umbrella of the apex court for the offence allegedly committed by him could not be called as fair trail in term of Article 10-A of the Constitution. Sheikh Afzal stated that more than 3/4 of the outstanding principal amount had been settled as per Aftab Sultans report and yet he was languishing in jail whereas, according to the practice for plea bargaining 34 per cent of the total outstanding was required to be paid in cash and rest of the payment was allowed to be paid in installments, with the release of the accused. The petitioner prayed the court to pass an order for not victimizing his family members and he should be allowed to withdraw at least three million from his account to meet the necessary requirements of re-establishing the family business. Sh. Afzal also requested that he should be allowed to pay balance payable principal amount of approximately 700 millions in installments within a specified period, with the release of him.