MULTAN - The students of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) turned Multan Press Club and Abdali Road into a battlefield when they got provoked during a protest and attacked the press club with bricks and stones on Wednesday, leaving at least nine reporters and photojournalists injured, half a dozen cars completely ruined and the building of the press club badly damaged. The district police arrested 37 assailants along with two BZU buses while hunt was on to capture the remaining ones. University sources disclosed that the busses the students were riding were also forcibly grabbed by them from the transport section. The mysterious delay in appointment of a Vice Chancellor at BZU by the Punjab Government has started producing fruit as violent clashes and incidents with active involvement of varsitys students have become frequent. The university is without administrative head-the Vice Chancellor-for more than one and half month. The attackers badly thrashed the journalists as a result of which a photojournalist Ayyaz Sheikh got broken his arm while the thumb of another photographer Kh Ashraf was fractured. Similarly, a reporter of a local newspaper Zafar Iqbal, cameraman of a news channel Qara Haider and photographer Sohail Qureshi also received serious injuries. We strongly condemn it. They have committed terrorism against our institution. Theyve attacked such a platform that offers relief to every one without any discrimination. We demand strict action, said Shakil Anjum, president of Multan Press Club. He said that it was a direct attack on freedom of press. Although police did not give any response despite repeated calls from the journalists to Police 15 centre and the Cantt Police station, the CPO Multan Amir Zulfiqar Khan visited press club later on and assured the press community that strict action would be taken against the attackers. Well not let any assailant go scot-free. Strict action will be taken against them, he added. He said that FIR would be registered in light of application given by the administration of press club while the loss suffered by the club and journalists would also be compensated. Witnesses said that the incident took place when a photographer tried to cross the road on his motorbike while the students of veterinary science department were staging a sit in after blocking Abdali Road against non recognition of their degrees. The students snatched motorbike from the photographer and beaten him up. When other colleagues from press club rushed to rescue him, the angry mob encircled them and started thrashing them too, said Khalid Ch., a photojournalist and eyewitness. Later on, the students pelted stones on press club building, shattered window panes, smashed the front and back screens of journalists vehicles and shouted slogans. Traffic got suspended on Abdali Road because of the incident as police blocked the road from Nawan Shehr up to Abdali Masjid. Heavy contingents were deployed at the spot after the incident. The BUZ administration, on the other hand, strongly condemned the attack and declared that an inquiry would be launched to find out the elements involved in it. Once the persons responsible for this tragedy are located, strict action will be taken against them, added BZU spokesman Mirza Ijaz while talking to this scribe. He said that the students forcibly suspended university shuttle service, snatched the busses and drove them to the press club. He suspected that some external elements were also involved in this incident.