The Prime Minister and his deputy probably thought it was good photo opportunity. But they hadnt counted on the actions of a surgeon who was sticking to the rules about hygiene despite the special visitors. Bursting into a room during a photo call at St Guys Hospital in London, David Nunn firmly showed them and gathered journalists who was boss. The incident came on the day that David Cameron announced a U-turn on NHS reforms as he accepted health experts demands for changes to Government proposals. Mr Nunn entered the ward where Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg were chatting with a patient, exclaiming he was a 'senior orthopaedic surgeon. Clearly angered by the journalists and aides disregard for the hygiene rules he put them in their place. Talking directly to them he seemed to object to them having not rolled their sleeves up or removing their ties. Mr Nunn said: 'Excuse me, Im the senior orthopaedic surgeon in this department. Why is it that were all told to walk around like this and these people... He then flashed his arms in the direction of the journalists. Mr Cameron looked clearly perplexed by the orthopaedic surgeons sudden entrance and aides quickly tried to smooth things over. They swiftly ushered Mr Nunn out into the corridor before Mr Cameron took over saying: 'Why dont you disappear, and gesticulating with his arm. In the background Mr Nunn can be heard shouting: 'I still mean it, which the Prime Minister swiftly agrees with as they leave. A cameraman can be overheard saying: 'Well come back. And as they leave the small ward Mr Nunn shouts: Im not having it. The bizarre scene unfolded when the politicians were visiting the London hospital to unveil changes to reforms to the NHS. MO