ISLAMABAD The Speaker National assembly exchanged hot words with Khawaja Saad Rafiq during the National Assembly session on Wednesday when the latter attacked the President and Prime Minister during his budget speech. The speaker asked Saad to address the chair and avoid personnel attacks. Khawaja replied that he did not call anybody by his or her name, adding that he did not expect her act as speaker of a party. Both the speaker and Saad expressed their disappointment with each others behaviour after which the microphone of Saad Rafiq was switched off. Pervez Malik, a senior lawmaker of PML-N, intervened saying that criticism on governments policies was the right of opposition and Khawaja did not indulge in personnel attacks. He urged the speaker to let him speak after which Khawaja restarted his speech. Earlier Khawaja Saad Rafique while taking part in the budget speech said that the politics of reconciliation of the PPP was basically a politics of hypocrisy. We are not in a hurry to come into power. If we were, you could not have presented your fourth budget, he said. Targeting President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, he said that those who wear expensive clothes and buy bungalows cannot implement this budget. He went on to say that the establishment has highjacked the foreign and national policies of the country but the corrupt government cannot challenge the establishment. The incidents of targeted killing in Karachi have increased and we are sitting here in an air-conditioned room to discuss budget. Where is your Interior Minister? He should resign. Rangers and police are killing the civilians. Pakistan is not a police state but it is being turned into a police state... You are sitting in the lap of the establishment, Khawaja said. He said that the president and prime minister were working for their own interests and people of Pakistan did not give the mandate to them to impose a 'tie-coat martial law after a martial law by those in uniform. He said: Giving PPPs governance style it should not have been permitted to present next budget. You have pushed us to the wall... We cannot bear your policies anymore, he warned. He said a wrong impression was given that PML-N wants general elections before the Senate elections. You would destroy yourselves but would not be able to destroy Pakistan, he said. He said that the government should accept the demand of the journalists for an investigation commission to probe the murder of journalist Saleem Shahzad under a judge of the Supreme Court. PPP MNA Imtiaz Safdar Warrraich said hooliganism by the PML-N during the budget was the saddest event in the history. We didnt expect such behaviour from those who signed Charter of Democracy to help strengthen democracy, he added. He said the budget has been presented in difficult times, and the opposition should have participated in it, and appreciate the government for such a good budget. He claimed that PPP had generated more electricity than any past govt and proposed to form a commission to establish this 'fact. He also sought forming a commission to determine as to how corruption took grounds in PIA; how and in whose tenure the Supreme Court was attacked; and who brought Musharraf to army chief slot by superseding many of his seniors. Syed Zafar Ali Shah said the government should take serious steps to surmount multidimensional challenges facing the country. Suggesting reforms in bureaucracy he said that recruitment in public sector should be made purely on merit to improve efficiency. Fauzia Habib said due to governments policies the textile industry and stock markets are witnessing growth. Raja Muhammad Assad Khan said the economy is under great stress due to burgeoning foreign and local debt. He said instead of increasing defence budget the government should divert more resources towards the education sector to defeat the menace of extremism and terrorism. Murtaza Javed Abbasi said the present government has not fulfilled its promises but the PML-N is still standing by it in the national interest. He asked the government to release funds to ERRA for completion of reconstruction activities in the earthquake affected areas of Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Dr Ayub Sheikh suggested the government to bring big farmers into the tax net. He regretted that no allocations have been made in the budget for the mass transit system in Karachi. He said that Thar coal reserves should be exploited to overcome the energy crisis. Muhammad Shafqat Hayat Baloch opposed the imposition of taxes on the agriculture and incentives to the growers. He also demanded more funds for the education sector. He regretted that no allocations have been made in the budget to overcome energy crisis and explore the natural resources. Syed Samsam Bukhari said the economic team of the government deserves appreciation for presenting a balanced budget. He however opposed levying of GST on agriculture inputs, saying the agriculture sector is already paying taxes but there is no acknowledgement of it. Abdul Sattar said that the tax on agriculture could create a food security problem. Sardar Muhammad Mushtaq Khan said the government should provide relief to the farmers and proposed the government to enhance the minimum wage for workers and labourers to fifteen thousand rupees. Khushbakht Shujaat said the government should take steps for the empowerment and emancipation of women folk as she regretted that the budget envisages no allocations for this neglected segment of the society. Sheikh Aftab Ahmad said the government has failed to achieve its revenue targets in the outgoing financial year and expressed concern over the rising prices of essential commodities. Akram Masih Gul said the government has taken a number of measures for the welfare of the minorities including five per cent job quota for minorities in the federal departments. He said that quota should also be allocated for them in the armed forces as well. Asima Arbab Alamgir asked the government to announce a special grant for the Tribal Areas hit hard by the acts of terrorism. Later the journalist community staged protest and walkout from the press gallery against the government for not forming a commission under the superior Judiciary to investigate the killing of journalist Saleem Shahzad.