LAHORE/ISLAMABAD Wednesday was certainly another day of the Punjab Assembly when the PPP and the N-League were found exhausting themselves with tit-for-tat levelling of allegations and sloganeering, which caused rumpus in the house when the actual business of the august House was general discussion on budget. The commotion was actually a delayed reaction to Rana Sanas statement as per which he had declared PPPs former federal law minister Babar Awan 'a black sheep and Wajib-ul-Qatal (deserving death). To match this, the PPP members titled Sana as 'a man with a satanic mind-set, and warned that if anything bad happens to Awan, Punjab chief minister and his law minister would be nominated in the FIR. Speaking in the National Assembly, PPP chief whip Khurshid Shah also issued a similar warning while the Senate went one step further by passing a unanimous resolution condemning the statement of Rana Sana. The resolution, which was presented by Leader of the Opposition Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI-F, demanded the PML-N-led Punjab government take disciplinary action against the minister. The script of the resolution also read that if any untoward incident took place with Babar Awan after the law ministers statement, Rana Sanullah would be held responsible for that. Prior to the passage of resolution, many senators both from the treasury as well as opposition condemned Rana Sanaullah for issuing such statement and demanded his removal from the PML-N and Punjab government. The Senators also connected the issue with another incident that resulted into the murder of former Punjab governor Salman Taseer and alleged that Rana Sannaullah had strong relations with some militant and extremist organisations. In the National Assembly, PML-N lawmaker Khawaja Saad Rafiq also condemned Ranas statement, saying that Khurshid Shah has raised a valid point. He assured that his party leadership would take a serious notice of this irresponsible statement by the Punjab minister. National Assembly speaker said that such a statement especially from a politician was condemnable and he expressed his hope that the PML-N leadership would take serious notice on the issue. In Punjab Assembly, the leading lights of the PPP and the PML-N with the support of their cronies created such a rumpus and commotion that went beyond speakers control, and seeing no end to the one of the best performances of its sort, he had to adjourn the proceedings for an hour so the boiling tempers are cooled down. However, the PML-Q members enjoyed the performance silently like good spectators. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal used the break from proceedings to ask the Faisalabad duo of Opposition Leader Raja Riaz Ahmed and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah to bury the hatchet. They complied, and the proceedings restarted after a delay of well-over an hour. As per Raja Riaz, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif assured the Opposition on behalf of his party that nothing of the sort would be repeated in the future. The first stone in the seemingly still waters was thrown by Raja Riaz, who asserted that the statement was provocative. He (Sana) possesses a satanic mind, observed Raja, adding that he was being wrongly tagged with uttering bloopers, rather it was Rana Sanas old habit because of which the latter had been kicked out of the PPP. He has close connections with the terrorists, and will prove to be democracys killer, he prophesised, while asking Sana to eat his words and demanding the house form a committee to look into the matter. Otherwise, we will not allow the house to proceed, he warned. PPP Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Mahmood Basra also remarked derisively that Sana had a nefarious agenda because of which the religious parties had demanded his resignation previously. He accused the PML-N men of devouring Rs40billion of the Sasti Roti Scheme, and using stupendous amount of Rs21 billion on the road leading to Sharifs Raiwind residences. This caused huge uproar in the house, which made it almost impossible to listen to members speaking on their microphones. PML-Ns Rana Muhammad Arshad alleged Babar Awan of distributing sweets upon ZABs hanging, and being one of the closest stooges of General Zia. Expanding the allegations list, he said that Awan got huge amounts of money by using courts as a pretext. Another N-Leaguer Asghar Ali Munda accused Awan and Interior Minister Rehman Malik of killing Benazir Bhutto and minority minister Shahbaz Bhatti. During this, sloganeering continued from both sides. The treasury shouted 'BB Hum Sharminda Hain, Terey Qatil Zinda Hain (BB we feel ashamed that your killers are alive) and Sala Marra BB Mari, Hiay Zardari Hiay Zardari (You the killer of brother-in-law and BB, shame on you Zardari). The PPP responded, Zinda Hai BB Zinda Hai (BB is living). At this point, Speakers 'Order in the House, fell on deaf ears and he had to adjourn the proceedings. Upon resumption, Zulfiqar Khosa, Raja Riaz, Rana Sana and Ch Zaheeruddin rhetorically sermonised the members about strengthening democracy and respecting the leaders from all parties. No one should indulge in character assassination, and utter derogatory remarks. We will continue working towards meeting our goals, they endorsed each other. However, Rana Sana retracted by saying that he had not threatened anyone with taking his life.