ISLAMABAD - The countrys food import bill would increase to $ 7.943 billion during the outgoing financial year 2010-2011 against the government target of $ 2.416 billion mainly due to the failure of crops because of unprecedented floods in the country. The government officials blamed heavy floods for huge food import bill of the country, as according to them major crops were destroyed due to natural disaster. According to the annual plan 2011-2012, the break-up of $ 7.943 billion revealed that country imported milk and cream worth $ 168.2 million, wheat un-milled $ 7.7 million, dry fruits $ 72.5 million, tea $ 389.3 million, spices $ 111.6 million, soybean oil $ 86.8 million, palm oil $ 5.494 million, sugar $ 960.2 million and pulses $ 652.4 million during the outgoing financial year. Meanwhile, the government has estimated to import food items worth $ 8.420 billion during upcoming fiscal year. It might be mentioned here that on one side the government imported wheat during the outgoing fiscal year while on the other side the poor farmers were found in search of appropriate forum to sale their yields at proper costs. Moreover, it was learnt that government had very short storage capacity for agri crops and this added to the miseries of farmers, especially during the floods, when the farmers were out to save their crops from flood waters but they could not find safe place (storages) for this purpose. According to the annual plan 2011-2012, the imports of machinery group were recorded at $ 3.781 billion against the target of $ 3.950 billion and transport groups imports were $ 1.9975 billion against the target of $ 1.863 billion during the outgoing fiscal year. Meanwhile, the petroleum products imports also went beyond the target of $ 10.241 billion, as country imported petroleum products worth $ 11.386 billion in the year 2011-11. Similarly, the textile groups imports surged to $ 2.489 billion against the target of $ 1.444 billion, agri and other chemicals imports were registered at $ 6.060 billion against the target of $ 3.029 billion, metal groups $ 2.037 billion as compare to the target of $ 2.059 billion and imports of miscellaneous group went up to $ 1.042 billion against the target of $ 671.5 million. The overall imports of the country during the outgoing financial year are expected to reach $ 35.884 billion as compared to the target of $ 31.694 billion.