LAHORE (PR) The government should take immediate measures for elimination of child labour and save the workers from hazardous nature of work by ensuring strict implementation of the provisions of law on the subject and bringing the law on the subject in conformity with ILO conventions ratified by the government of Pakistan. Working class observed world day against child labour by holding conferences and rallies all over the country. On Wednesday, a conference was held at Bukhtiar Labour Hall, Lahore to observe World Day against Child Labour which was attended by trade union representatives and workers belonging to both public and private sectors. The theme of this years is End Child Labour. The Conference was addressed by Ch Talib Nawaz, President and other representatives. They stressed the government to abolish worst forms of child labour like use of children in slavery, forced labour, trafficking, debt bondage, serfdom, prostitution, pornography, forced or compulsory recruitment for armed conflict as well as all forms of work that are likely to harm the safety, health or morals of children.