KARACHI - Pakistan Under-18 hockey team has reached Singapore to appear in the 10-Nation Asia Cup starting June 17 but the team that would be missing from the championship is India once known as giants of hockey in the world. According to information received here India skipped the prestigious event because it could not raise a junior team to play in the men's Junior Asia Cup as there was no way of knowing the form or the ages of players. It was smart futuristic planning and strict adherence to age detection rule that had helped Pakistan to raise a team for Singapore. After the induction of new set up in Pakistan Hockey Federation with Qasim Zia as President and Asif Bajwa as Secretary, the PHF had been very strict to implement age scrutiny both at senior and junior level and evolve a new system in the senior hockey which encourages stronger teams with better seeding playing at higher level and weaker teams playing in the plate competition. It successfully introduced promotion and relegation system at the senior level which had encouraged teams to work hard to remain in top order and avoid falling into plate division. At junior level there was zero tolerance and the PHF had already dealt severely with the players and officials who had tried to push over age players in the junior events. PHF policy not to allow over 30 years of age players in national hockey championship was aimed at encouraging younger and fitter players. Though the move came under sharp criticism from those not actively involved in the running of the sport but the PHF stuck to its guns which ensured better players emerging on the scene. India is expected to follow the example of Pakistan at senior level. Hockey India is expected to introduce two tiers of Elite and Plate Divisions, with promotion and relegation of teams every year. Officials of the Indian hockey are hoping that all the associations would agree to the new system which will make the championship more competitive and not a routine annual affair. The Indian hockey want to divide the teams into two tiers. The top two teams from the Plate Division will be promoted to the Elite Group while the two bottom-placed teams from the top tier will be relegated to the Plate, the same system that Pakistan is following for the last four years.