RAJANPUR - The Jampur Bachao Tehreek (JBT) organised a fund-raising conference to bear the fuel expenditure of three bulldozers, provided by the district administration for timely repair and maintenance of dykes to protect the Jampur City against floods in the upcoming monsoon season. It is to be noted that the decision regarding the provision of bulldozers was taken by the Commissioner following his meeting with residents of Jampur here on June 8. During the meeting which was also attended by the Rajanpur DCO, the dwellers expressed their dissatisfaction and grievances regarding the slow pace of work and use of substandard material in the repair and renovation of embankments due which the entire city was submerged and washed away by floods in July, 2010 flash floods, causing the citizens colossal losses and wrecking their properties worth millions of rupees. Following the vehement demand of the citizens, the Commissioner promised to arrange three bulldozers but excused for expenditure of their fuel on account of non-availability of funds. As per his words, three bulldozers reached Jampur here the other day that prompted the citizens to arrange a fund-raising campaign to get the repair started. The Jampur Bachao Tehreek (JBT) arranged a Donors Conference at Municipal Park which was participated in by local people from all walks of life including senior leaders and workers. In first two hours of the conference, the JBT collected Rs400,000. Amongst those donors, former district chairman Sardar Ahmad Ali Darishak donated Rs100,000 and urged the people to get united as through unity all natural calamities could be dealt with befittingly. He also criticised the politicians who made hollow promises and tall claims regarding the protection of Jampur against floods in the upcoming monsoon season. Central Jampur Trade Union President Muhammad Anwar Suleman who donated Rs50,000, underscored that the JBT had no political ambitions. Haji Sharif Lound promised a donation of Rs100,000. Former Tehsil Jampur Nazim Mirza Abdullah Mughal donated Rs50,000, another former Tehsil Nazim Sardar Muhammad Akmal Khan Durrani donated Rs10,000, Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi from Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust donated Rs10,000 and asked the people of Jampur to wake and rise to challenges to save the city against any threat. Later, the next day, the JBT members accompanied Sardar Zafarullah Khan Lound, Mirza Ubaidullah Khan, Sardar Muhammad Akmal Khan Durrani, Maulana Muhammad Abu Bakr Abdullah, members of the Jampur Bar Association and civil society reached the dykes. After an exhausting discussion, all the members concluded to re-enforce Jampur Minor that could save the city from a direct threat of the expected floodwater.