NANKANA SAHIB - kidnappers released abducted girl as she cried for help on their way to Gujranwala. Samina was the guest of Nazia, a resident of Walgon Sohail. She was kidnapped when she was being seen off by the host at the main gate of her house. Accused Bilal and Younas took her to Farooz Watoowan and kept her there for a week. Afterwards, they were shifting her to Gujranwala and on the way, she cried for help and the accused fled away after leaving her at the road. GAMBLERS ARRESTED: Police conducted a raid to arrest a proclaimed offender but instead arrested alleged gamblers with cash. Following a tip-off, the police were following the PO who entered into the house of Sabir Ali situated in Shadbagh Colony and fled away after crossing the roofs of the surrounding buildings. But the police reached the house rooftop, they arrested Sabir Ali, Abdul Majeed, Ali Asghar, Ghulam Ali, Mushtaq Ali while playing gambling with a fax machine, landline phone and draw papers. It seized Rs 2500 along with dish antenna and TV. SHOPKEEPERS FINED: A case was registered for not displaying rate list. Special price control magistrate Bashir Ahmed booked two shopkeepers Muhammad Anwar and Abdul Hameed of village Shahidi Kot for overcharging.