LAHORE The electricity loadshedding is worsening day by day across the country with major cities facing 10 to 12 hours outages in the continuing sizzling heat. The situation is even bad in rural areas where the people have to face more than 14 hours shutdown in a day. The disappearance of electricity for tubewells has become headache for the farmers as they are finding no water for irrigating their crops. The power generation is going down while its demand is increasing day by day. Sources said the Pepco-owned GENCOs dropped their generation up to 1,000 MW which was the main reason of the loadshedding. Some GENCOs were lying shut down due to maintenance problems while the others were not being supplied proper fuel for power generation, a Pepco official seeking anonymity told TheNation. On Wednesday, the demand of electricity was 18,126 MW against the total generation of 14,161 MW, thus the shortfall at the National Grid reached about 4,000 MW.