ISLAMABAD - The much hype created by Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) regarding the assignment given to US-based so-called tennis coach Jalil Riaz proved yet another fake claim and a tool to get cheap publicity on the part of the federation. The fact is that Jalil Riaz has no coaching assignment whatsoever in US and the only notable thing to mention about this person is, he is a women's volleyball coach at Shorter College in US. But this has nothing to do with the coaching assignment, which was given to him by the PTF. Just to accommodate a personal friend, a huge amount has been wasted. PTF could have done much better regarding the crucial Davis Cup tie against South Korea. The sources have revealed the PTF is planning to hold 'secret' training camp at PAF Tennis courts which were recently installed at NDU, despite having a huge complex at their disposal. What has forced PTF to use another place for training instead of using its own complex? The answer is not much difficult as the PTF is fully aware the media will chase the training camp and a place like NDU will suit PTF more as journalists and others will face difficulties in reaching there due to security checks, etc. The camp for that tie should have started much earlier but the attitude of PTF is indicating that they have assumed the Koreans are too hot to handle and without even playing they have conceded the tie. The South Korean side is the weakest in a decade and Pakistan have a golden chance to beat the Koreans at their own style. Aqeel Khan is Pakistan No 1 for many years in running. If it was not possible for PTF to send three or four players abroad for training they could have easily sent Aqeel which is the triumph card for Pakistan in that particular tie, but PTF is least bothered about taking tennis forward and after getting fed up with PTF attitude Aqeel went to Sri Lanka and is now giving training to Sri Lankan players for their Davis Cup tie. When a top Pakistan player is treated like this, how can one expect to attract newcomers towards tennis. The continued lies of PTF bosses are serving no good to the cause of tennis promotion at grass roots level. How disgusting is that despite playing two Grand Slam doubles finals and by far the most deserving and prominent personality of his country Aisam-ul-Haq's name was not brought forward by this PTF management for the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Award. Asiam deserves this award as he has kept the Green and White flag high across the globe; he deserves better treatment from PTF, but the federation has other fronts and priorities. The lack of wisdom among the PTF is causing panic and depression among the players. The Sports Minister is supposed to take notice of these things and take an appropriate action sooner rather than later against the mismanagement in the PTF. A source has confirmed to this scribe that the PTF finally yielded to the media pressure and is giving ticket to Samir Iftikhar to play Davis Cup tie against South Korea. This thing must be appreciated in given circumstances. Indeed PTF could have clarified this issue much earlier. Samir will join Pakistan Davis Cup training camp as he will reach Pakistan on Saturday from London.