LAHORE - The PML-Q will make seat adjustments with PPP only in winning constituencies in the next general elections, while the leaderships of both the political forces would meet after the budget session to discuss futures comprehensive political strategy, says Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, chief of PML-Q. He expressed these views during a visit of Waqt News and visited various sections of the news channel. PML-Q chief coming hard on the elements criticizing the armed forces said that armed services dont represent individuals but an institution, while putting the blame of some individuals on the entire institution would not be an appropriate approach. He asked the elements criticizing the Pak Army that they should name the general who was involved in any inappropriate behaviour, while uttering baseless remarks tantamount to smear propaganda against the defence institutions. Commenting on the next Senate polls, he said that only one seat would be left with PML-Q out of 21 seats till the next elections, while PML-Q would make a joint strategy with PPP on this issue. To a query regarding the meeting of dissident Senators of PML-Q with PML-N chief, he maintained that two to four Senators were meeting Nawaz Sharif for their personal interests and the stated Senators neither loyal to their party nor to themselves. To another question about unification of all factions of Muslim Leagues, he claimed that PML-N chief was the main hurdle in the unification process. Replying to yet another query about PML-Q ministers performance, Chaudhary Shujaat maintained that the performance of the federal government has improved after the inclusion of PML-Q ministers. Earlier, PML-Q chief met Chief Executive Officer Waqt News, Rameeza Majid Nizami and director news, Hafiz Tariq. He said on this occasion that Waqt News was playing its vital role under the leadership of Majid Nizami for safeguarding the ideological boundaries of Pakistan, keeping up the flag of Islam, keeping alive Kashmir issue and promoting democracy.