LAHORE More than 650 small entrepreneurs who invested worth Rs 1.80 billion in AHAD Tower at Kalma Chowk in 2004 to purchase shops and offices to run their businesses are now running from pillar to post to get justice after the government declared the high-rise construction as illegal, irregular and against the building by-laws. Despite the lapse of more than eight years neither the illegal plaza has been completed nor a single person among the hundreds of affectees, has been compensated or given the possession of the property. The influential owners of the Tower including ex-MPA Abdul Ahad Malik, his son and ex-Town Nazim Yousaf Ahad Malik have switched off their cellular phones and went underground as the affectees have become rolling stone to get their payments back are left with no other option but to Interestingly, the accused have secured confirmed bails in some cases from the local courts to avoid arrests, after City police registered no less than 11 different cases of fraud (under section 420/ 468/471 of the PPC) against Yousaf Ahad Malik, his father Abdul Ahad Malik and mother Riffat Ahad Malik. Ahad Tower is owned by Abdul Ahad Malik, a known political figure in the provincial capital who was elected as an MPA in 2002 on the ticket of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) but her later defected to Pakistan Muslim League-Q. In 2005, his son Yousaf Ahad got elected as the town Nazim of Ravi Town on PML-Q ticket. All the affectess had paid full prices of their assets worth millions of rupees in 2004 and the owners were supposed to hand over the possession of the property to the buyers within two years, as per the agreement. But despite of lapse of more than six years, they are just carrying the documents in their hands to show it to the high-ups, seeking compensation or possession of the property. Sources in the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) said that originally only six floors had been approved for the building while the remaining five were constructed against LDA rules. In early 2010, the LDA had demolished five floors of the Ahad Tower at Kalma Chowk, which were constructed in violation of building by-laws. Not enough, the owners had sold out 15 floors to hundreds of small entrepreneurs but despite the demolition of top five floors they are unwilling to repay the money to the investors. According to the insiders, the owners have informed that affectees that they would be given possession of their property that they had purchased some eight years ago when the PML-Q government would take over in Punjab. The owners believed that they are being victimized for political reasons by the PML-N leadership. The affectees say that they have nothing to do with any political party but they are concerned only about the assets. The affectees have appealed to the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shabaz Sharif to provide them justice by ordering open-auction of the assets of the plunderers. One of the affectess and a resident of Iqbal Town Muhammad Iqbal Butt, told The Nation that he had purchased a shop and an office by paying Rs 2.4 million and Rs 1.9 million respectively in 2004. According to his property record, he had purchased the shop (No M-7 at Mezzanine Floor) and the office (Flat No 302) at 11th floor. But despite the lapse of more than six years neither the plaza has been completed nor did the owners compensate him. He said that the owners had promised him that they would hand him over the possession of the property within two years but despite of lapse of six years the affectees are running from pillar to post to recover their looted amount. He also said that the owners have gone underground and are not attending phone calls being made the affectess. According to the police record, at least 11 FIR (No 264/11, 258/11, 259/11, 257/11, 260/11, 261/11, 263/11, 359/11, 360/11, 433/11, and 434/11) have been registered against the owners with Garden Town police station. Police sources revealed that they were receiving several more complaints from the affectees of Ahad Tower and more cases would be registered against them accordingly. When contacted repeatedly, Yousaf Ahad Malik did not attend his cellular phone. The estimated plundered amount in the above-mentioned registered FIR is about Rs 15.133 million while the owners have collected overall Rs 1.80 billion from the poor investors in the name of illegal shopping mall. When contacted, Yousaf Ahad Malik denied the allegations that he had not compensated anybody or gone underground. He also said that he never committed fraud worth Rs 1.80 billion in the name of shopping mall-Ahad Tower. But he admitted that none of the buyers has been given possession of their property so far. He claimed that all the affectees have been compensated except a few persons. He said that the case of his plaza is pending in the Supreme Courts of Pakistan while suo moto notice of the SC caused the delay. He said that the buyers were scheduled to get the possession in August 2007 but the Supreme Court took suo mot in May 2007 due to which the construction was halted. He further said the persons who had purchased the property at the top floors that were demolished by the LDA have almost been compensated. However, he said that the work on the plaza is in its final stage and the possession of properties would be handed over to the buyers once the finishing is completed. About the FIRs, he said that he had secured confirm bail in several cases registered against him in Garden Town police station from the local court.