WASHINGTON (AFP) - The White House will deliver a report to Congress Wednesday to explain its actions in Libya, including a legal analysis arguing President Barack Obama did not overstep his powers in the conflict. "The president has acted in a manner that is consistent with the War Powers Resolution," White House spokesman Jay Carney said, arguing that the 30-page report would show the "success" of the mission to protect Libyan civilians. The pledge came after Republican US House Speaker John Boehner sent Obama a scathing letter warning that US operations in the Libya conflict would violate US law come Sunday because they lacked formal congressional approval. Boehner cited the 1973 War Powers Act -- never endorsed by any White House -- that gives presidents 60 days to get authorization for a military deployment and, failing that, sets a further 30 days to withdraw them from harm's way. Boehner also gave Obama until Friday to share his legal justification for not seeking explicit congressional approval for using US forces as part of what is now a NATO-led campaign against Libyan strongman Moamer Gaddafi's forces.