Panama Leaks are currently affecting 12 countries including Argentina, Australia, China, Iceland, Iran, Pakistan Panama, Syria, UK and Zimbabwe. On the whole, these leaks call for accountability of those ruling the country. This reminds us of the famous novel, 1984 by George Orwell. In this novel, the author emphasizes on Newspeak i.e., language used by politicians and media to deceive people. He focuses on the way people obey the politicians mindlessly and unquestioningly due to this deceitful use of language. Language becomes a weapon to control the minds and to destroy the faculties of thinking and imagination. As words give food for thought and refine the sensibility, so the language can be employed as a tool to order the thoughts in a particular direction, to develop certain belief system, make people feel what politicians want them to feel; while evading facts and criticism that can be attracted.

Language as a rhetorical instrument can shape people’s sense of reality, conceal truths, and even it can be used to manipulate history. Pretentious diction is used as a tool to dignify the false claims and to enhance their persuasion. These elegant and apparently true claims make the masses reiterate them in their social interactions and believe in them; but eventually lead them to disillusionment. 

The words such as “democratic state”, “democracy”, “real change” , “restoring national dignity”, “realistic and sound framework”, “socio economic development”, “equity fairness and justice” “inter provincial harmony” ,“modern welfare state with Islamic values”, “jobs for all”, “ we sacrificed”, “making women the centerpiece of our development”, “protect and empower the people of Pakistan” “equal education for all” “poverty alleviation”, overcoming energy crisis”, “guarantee of basic protection”, “eliminating corruption and terrorism have incessantly been exploited by all the political parties and has been used as an instrument to persuade the audience. The language is used as an instrument to control. The slogans used to convince the masses turn out to be ways to control their minds. Even now, the totalitarian state of Occania as depicted in the novel 1984, appears to be in a continuous state of war and flux. People may get dissatisfied, but they are kept satisfied by showing them a distorted but glamorized reality with the help of language.

High frequency words not only add to the linguistic archaism and grandeur but also enhance the emotional as well as rational appeal and effect of the speeches. Music, poetry, quotations and references to renowned thinkers are also given by beating the trumpet of these words, the political parties intend to gain ground but when put to an acid test, none of them has actualized them into reality because the tense always remains that of future i.e., “we will”. Most of us experienced everything opposite to the true hopes.

People are being psychologically and emotionally hypnotized by certain play of language and they are compelled to see the reality through the spectacles of the politicians who deliberately make them believe in their slogans and obey them voluntarily and unconsciously. Slogans and big words leave people unmoved through their pleasing, promising and positive connotations, soothe them even in this chaotic and anarchic era and make them forget the grim realities of the previous years. These shallow promises make them support the parties and get ready for another trial period.

The political parties use the persuasive and rhetorical language to conceal their hidden agenda i.e. to centralize the power around themselves. Power is revolving around specific persons and families and they are deliberately reluctant to share with others. In the name of democracy and on the false pretext of creating a democratic nation, many politicians exploit the nation; because no matter they speak high of democracy, many have failed to create a practical example of democracy in the state. As in Orwell notes in Occania in 1984, the public couldn’t speak against the party; similarly, the parliamentarians apparently stand up to criticize the one another and the prime minister, they do not mean it.

Nietzsche’s concept of the “will to power”, according to which every individual strives to assert his power on others, comes true to our professional, domestic and political situation. According to Nietzsche, everything is in flux and the will to power is the fundamental engine of this change. These slogans and mottoes are nothing more than lollypops for the public. They take their attention away from the biting facts of utter poverty, unemployment; terrorism and energy crisis, all of which we face every day.

More evident than before with Panama Leaks , politics in most part of the world has become a word play, verbosity, linguistic jugglery and pouring out spleen against others; in reality, no significantly concrete manifestation of this verbal play can be observed. We are on the whole poorer, more unemployed, in-secure, victim to various crises, dependant on foreign powers and deprived of basic facilities than ever before. In the name of bringing “change” people have been exploited and befooled a lot because everything boils down to the acts of listening and speaking than doing. Exploitation and leg-pulling camouflaged by fake smiles and nice words all being done in an effort to assert power are doing nothing but making life miserable, causing depression and anarchy and generating a fake and hollow society.

Life could be much easier if we had omitted fake words and the conscious and unconscious will to befool others. Let us look at the negative side of the rhetorical use of language in political domains in order to understand the harm and exploitation being caused by it. Take an example of political context and people in power. Many of them deliver speeches as tools to entice the audience with the help of fake promises and allure them through up words and crazy sounds. They are modes of persuading the audience through future hopes, blandishment and attention-getting slogans; whereas, in reality they mostly prove to be empty promises and mere jugglery of words. These speeches have power to mask the truth and manipulate the reality.

How can we use language to empower people so that they realize their full potential? How can we use language not to conceal facts but to make matters transparent and open? How can we employ language to be more realistic so that we need to fear from Panama Leaks and the like?  We need a deliberate transformation inside since it is the inner that reveals itself through language.