It has been said before and it has been repeated again innumerably in the aftermath of Pakistan’s victory over England in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Champion Trophy in Cardiff on Wednesday to qualify for the finals – Pakistan is a mercurial unpredictable team. This tag might be considered a negative one for most professional sport teams who would try to replicate performances consistently, but Pakistan seems to wear the tag with pride. While this means that it can collapse at any time in spectacular fashion, when the stars align it can beat any side in the world.

The stars did align for the men in green in Cardiff. It faced a strong England ODI team – one that has been billed as the strongest English side in decades, which has been playing positive aggressive cricket in its recent matches and was a heavy favourite to win the tournament – and beat it convincingly, with strong performances in every department, even in its usually brittle batting order. This victory completes a radical comeback from the drubbing Pakistan received from India in the opening match of the tournament, winning every match since, beating top sides and being the first team to make it to the final.

With Bangladesh facing India in the second semi-final, a mouth-watering rematch in the final between the two sides in on the cards. Regardless of who makes it to the final Pakistan has to try and keep the same momentum and confidence going in the final and the most important match of the tournament. While oozing with skill, Pakistan lacks discipline, composure and the ability to handle pressure – something that must be drilled into them by the coaching staff. While Pakistani fans and players may be delirious in making the final, much cricket remains to be played.