It is extremely painful to note that ours has become a society sans quality, easy and expeditious justice. It is a common perception among the public that the entire system, be it of governance, fiscal management, or administration of justice is dying. Nothing is safe in this society of ours, including respect, honour, life or limb, among other things.

Unfortunately, most of them who are hired and rehired after their retirement to operate the systems in vogue are not efficient, competent and cable.

The realities on the ground regarding our civil, criminal or administrative justice system are heart-wrenching. Those have diminished even more the people’s trust in our justice system. Nothing is being done to cleanse the system of the corrupt and unscrupulous elements, but everything is being done to recruit and retain them. I personally know that those who defiled the system, time and again, were not punished but reinstated and promoted.

Mr Justice Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, once said, the law was always a jealous mistress, but nowadays, she has become ‘insatiable in her demands.‘

This is not the time to relax or show amoral indifference or inaction but time for action or face collapse. However, the players of the system can change these perceptions, they can establish their utility and they can also survive in this challenging world when they deliver the best by vibrantly and vigorously playing their desideratum role.


Islamabad, June 1.