Democracy is one of the most desired political systems in this modern world. It was first identified and explained by Aristotle but modern time scholars have defined this concept in their own different manner. Amartya Sen in 2006 has defined democracy as a development of broad public reasoning and an independent civil society which has vibrant role in the public affairs. On the other hand, Noam Chomsky in 1994 has defined democracy as a system in which people have meaningful opportunities to take part in the formulation of public policy. Thus, it is concluded that democracy is not only a form of government but it is a way of living which initiates from individuals’ life and then transfers to the community at large. Justice and fairness are main features of democratic society but is it possible to accomplish in this real world? The answer is simply no. This type of democratic society is easy to define and elaborate theoretically but hard to achieve practically because ground realities are very different.

Present world does not experience true democracy. The world’s largest and mature democracy is United States of America (USA) but it cannot be claimed that it is true and ideal democracy. Public policies are captured by the elites and public does not have any contribution in the policy formulation process of America. There are economic and social injustices in American society and there is no equal access of people to the opportunities. Thus, it cannot be considered as true democracy as per the explanation given by different scholars. By the same token, Pakistan is not a democratic state rather it is struggling for a democratic system. She had no continuity in democratic government since its inception in 1947.

Pakistan has experienced both military rule and democratic governments time and again. The discontinuity in the democratic rule of Pakistan has not allowed democracy to get mature. In recent years, Pakistan has experienced democratic governments on regular basis but democracy does not exist in the country. It is only electioneering in Pakistan on regular basis which is tagged as democracy. There is a great misconception about democracy that it is only linked with the voting and election. Election is a small part of the democracy not whole democracy revolves around it.

Democracy is a complete way of life which promotes patience, tolerance and respect for others. It encourages social justice in the society which is foundation of a democratic society. It allows equal opportunities for all members of society irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, religion and ethnicity. This type of society can be developed through education system as recommended by Plato as it encourages critical thinking among members and inculcates values of respect, tolerance and protection among the people. These all features are missing in Pakistani society.

The minorities are not respected and protected in Pakistan. Tolerance does not prevail in the country which is a key feature of democracy as it promotes and facilitates justice and respect of basic human rights in the society. There is economic, social and political injustice in the country and people of Pakistan do not have equal access to the opportunities. There is lack of critical and analytical individuals in the society due to flawed education system of the country. Thus, it can be concluded that Pakistan is not a democracy. Election and voting cannot be considered as synonym of democracy. Hard and continuous struggle is required if we want to make Pakistan an actual democracy. Every citizen of the country has responsibility to play his or her due role in this struggle because individual’s role is significant to bring change at mass level.

Education is a basic and an effective tool for inculcating features of democracy among people like tolerance, patience, and respect for other but is education system of Pakistan teaching tolerance among Pakistanis?  Unfortunately, the answer is no. Education system of Pakistan is ineffective and ineffectual. It is actually widening the gap between the different segments and classes of society which leads towards intolerance for each other. The culture of educational institutions is cultivating and promoting lack of patience and tolerance for others.  It is required to redefine the objectives of education and redesign the education system as per the current needs and requirements of Pakistani society. It is uphill task as education is a business now in Pakistan.

Education system is designed in a way to maximize the interests of the designers not for the benefit of the society at large. It will be difficult for government to overhaul this sector but political will can pave the way. Likewise, family institution is also vital for educating the society. It is the duty of family to educate its member regarding tolerance and respect for others.  The intolerance, disrespect for others and protection of vested interests of elites of the society are deteriorating the social fabric and are leading towards flagging society of Pakistan.

It is the duty of every citizen of Pakistan to promote and encourage tolerance and respect for each other in his or her capacity in the society. These characteristics will help to establish true democratic society for future generations of Pakistan as it is their right to have peaceful, serene, developed and genuine democratic society and country to live in.