Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said he has wanted to make Gwadar a great port city since 1991. While addressing a political rally in the city, where he announced new construction and infrastructural plans, the premier said that no other government has taken any step for development of Gwadar in 90s except the PML-N.

“After toppling of our government, no other party did anything for Gwadar during 2000s. Only Nawaz Sharif remembered people of Gwadar after coming to power in 2013,” he said.

The premier further added that current government took practical development steps for this city. “I may be Pakistan’s first Prime Minister who spent a night in Gwadar because no other leader even came here,” he mentioned.

“We are spreading a whole network of roads in Gwadar from China border to other cities of Pakistan,” the PM said adding that a motorway is being constructed linking Mansehra to the Chinese border.

“We have made roads in areas where there was terrorism and militancy. And through these roads we will establish peace and stability in this region.”

“Roads bring progress and development because development cannot be achieved without roads.”

While talking about development of local people of Gwadar, the premier said that government will build a 300-bed hospital and will also give health card so that they can get free treatment.

The premier further announced that 50 students from Gwadar will be sent to China for learning Chinese language. “50 local students will be given admission to Pakistan’s best universities on government’s expenses,” he said.

“Every path towards economic stability comes from Balochistan,” he said.