The spokesman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Fawad Chaudhry in his letter to the Senate chairman and NA Speaker stated that Ishaq Dar and Kulsoom Nawaz’s failure to take oath of office despite being elected is similar to robbing masses of their democratic rights

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Friday submitted objections in the Parliament on the election of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders Ishaq Dar and Kulsoom Nawaz to the Senate and National Assembly, respectively.

Dar was awarded Senate ticket despite facing corruption cases and having been declared absconder by a court, which is a joke with democracy, the letter states.

Dar should either be asked to immediately take oath or be forced to step down, the party said.

Raising objections over election of former premier Nawaz Sharif’s ailing wife Kulsoom, the letter says that she was awarded a ticket despite being seriously ill and incapable of carrying out political activities.

 “Kulsoom Nawaz should be asked to resign in the larger interest of the masses and taking into account democratic pre-requisites. We pray for her complete recovery from the bottom of our hearts,” the party said.

PTI also demanded a change in the law regarding taking oath citing these two cases.

Dar, who was the former finance minister, faces corruption cases filed in light of the Panama papers verdict by the Supreme Court. The accountability court, which is hearing the case, declared him an absconder after he failed to appear before it after a couple of hearings. Dar is currently in London seeking medical treatment.

Kulsoom has also been seeking medical treatment in the United Kingdom after being diagnosed of cancer. She won the by-poll on NA-120 after it fell vacant following Nawaz’s disqualification by the Supreme Court.