ISLAMABAD - The restoration of the deposed judges to the pre-November 3 position is not merely a war of PML-N but a war of youth and they should come forward to lead it, as they are the future of this country. Former Federal Minister for Education Prof. Ahsan Iqbal stated this at a function organised by the students of Federal Urdu University to launch the Muslim Student Federation (MSF) unit after the revival of student unions announced by the Prime Minister. Iqbal said, "By quitting from the cabinet the PML-N ministers have created a new chapter in the history as this country has always witnessed the tradition of gaining positions by illegal means. It's not a war of merely the restoration of judges but a war of the future of this country. It's a war of heart and soul of the state." He remarked that the entire nation should have been stood behind the judges who said no to a dictator so that no one could ever dare to depose judges. Addressing the charged students, he said the industrial revolution, which came 300 years ago, modernised the world has been over and, now, the era of knowledge revolution and globalisation has started. The students of this university do not have the competition only with the students of Karachi, Lahore but also with the students across the world. Describing the dismal situation of the education in the Muslim world and in the country, he said the whole Muslim Ummah does not have the contributions in the field of research, which only Israel has. "Our society has become the society of shrinking minds and growing bellies. Our half of the population is still illiterate and those who have access to education have not been getting quality education." Voice president of PML-N Zafar Ali Shah condemned the recent missile attack in Bajaur Agency killing at least a dozen of people and foreign fighters. He said the army had failed to protect citizens' life and property. President of MSF Sardar Mehtab and MNA Anjum Aqeel also addressed the students.