After a long siesta, I have decided to pick up the pen again. On July 28, 2006, The Nation printed my article "What's Cooking"....if one reads it today...people might think that I posses a third eye the contrary I merely analysed the situation on ground than...looked at previous happenings and knowing the mindset of our politicos ,it was not difficult to visualise what would happen...unfortunately not only the results in the elections were 90 percent as I thought they would be...but the immediate period after has also played out according to my analyses .... and it is not very difficult now to see that the remaining period of the next year or so will unfold as per thought The question is that if a mortal soul not privy to the inner chamber of powers that be ... could visualise what was about to happen ..couldn't those who are paid to analyse and pre-empt and govern, realise the outcome...? I don't believe that they couldn't...rather I believe that they did and went on to hold the biggest sham election in the history of Pakistan...the beauty being that not a single party can term these elections as having been massively manipulated...a master stroke of genius and ingenuity...but to what end...? Since the announcement of elections to date, the country has not been governed...the results are before us and if we allow this sham to continue we would reach the edge of a precipice , whereby the mere force of gravity would topple us over I read somewhere that the total votes cast were approximately 29 million, 10.8 for PML-Q and allies, 10 million for PPP-P and 8.6 for PML-N...these days the population figures being thrown around are 180 million, those until yesterday having claim to majority through coalition rounded off to approx. 19-20 million, if you include the ANP etc...20 million of's hardly 11 percent of the population of my beloved Pakistan...if I don't call this Demoncracy...then what do I call it...???? Now who are those who are allowing this to happen...unfortunately no one else...but our own...after all who is the establishment and why are they allowing a situation which is leading no where else but to a state of anarchy...I don't need to elaborate on what is happening, the masses see it day in and day out right in front of them...the hold-ups, dacoity, land grabbing, rape, price hike, corruption and complete collapse of law and order, while The King and the Kings men and the talk shows are only harping on who is going to bed with whom and who is walking out of the bordello What have the elections shown us? They tell us that promises made during election campaigns, were only that...promises... The Industrial waderas have not learnt any lesson from having been away for so long...they still want to treat the bura..crats as munshees in their industrial empire...imagine holding interviews at his residence for appointment of "bureaucrats" ...and further more imagine that only one or two had the strength of character to refuse to go for interviews...I mean please, at this moment he is nothing in the government under which law is he doing all this...why can't he have confidence in the incumbent matter for a day or a month or a year....let him learn to take decisions...let him make mistakes and let him have the power to do...if and when u get elected...and can replace him...than do as you wish...but stop this proxy governance...while I am at the question of come there are so many of them...that a complete lot can be replaced from the OSD pool...???? come there are no OSD generals...or OSD Doctors...Engineers...Teachers...or senior politicians for that matter...coming to politicians...if generals, bureaucrats, teachers, pilots etc, etc can retire at a certain come this animal stays on till death do us part...? Mr that's an interesting one...I was watching one of his interviews and decided to call a school buddy of his...and asked him to switch on to that channel...after watching him for a few minutes in which he was replying to the questions, we watched his gestures...his vocabulary, his thought s...which by the way were all extempore we both decided that the man we were watching was a clone and not Asif...he has gone through the grind and seems to have come out wiser, more mature...articulate and I think a bit of an act...? And he also controls all the decisions from whichever Zardari house he happens to be in. The irony is that the complete jamboree of our usurpers starting from the ex-general president, to Mr the leaders of the Taliban..., their Kibla is the "White House", even Mian Sahibs Kibla is the white house but these days he goes there via the Saudi Monarchy. This is so blatant that our own Foreign Policy has become Foreign for us. We need 20 - 40 billion dollars for our infrastructure development, so that we can reach the take-off stage...The Dollars or Euros can be raised from sources other than US of A ..The EU is slowly moving away from the stranglehold of the Yanks and voicing its independent stand on a number of international issues...The Russians are very clear on their mandate as are the Chinese, so between these, the Arabs and even the Koreans, raising the required amount should not be a problem... The US of A has a lot to offer, they have an excellent education system, it is a big market for whatever products we can make, the people at large are truthful, the environment and cities are clean...unfortunately we have allied ourselves with America's only negative indicator and that is its existing foreign policy...we must get out of the Neo-Con vortex if we are to survive as a Nation I have no doubts in my mind that the Neo-Cons want the Talibanisation of Pakistan and they have moved onto the fast lane to achieve this objective...They got rid of the only individual "BB" who could have rallied the masses towards a progressive Pakistan....a Progressive Pakistan would have been a deterrence to the expansionist designs of the Taliban...but without a progressive rallying figure, there is nothing stopping them from taking advantage of the vacuum that has been created There is a group which feels that they should stay in the background and let the Politicos get exposed....Hey The Politicos were never covered, the Nation is aware of there abilities and shenanigans.... The group may also be thinking that they will not interfere until the Black coats and the awaam can push the police and rangers to the wall, whereby the Army would have to be called a march on the Army house where the President is presently residing....I also feel that the generals will react only once that stage is reached .short of that...they will abide by the constitution...but won't it be too late than..??? After all by having a ceasefire with the mullah...aren't we allowing him to expand further. So, what are our options...???? Retire all the old horses from politics...the leadership of the political parties should be shifted to the second tier ...immediately Take back all the cases against the awaam also...or undo the NRO An illegal order by an army chief to sack the judges, cannot be fought through legal jargon/arguments If we are to maintain the parliamentary form of government, than we must realise how the cards are stacked in Pakistan...our politics and the ideologies of Political parties are clearly defined , except for the confusion in the three main parties ..Q, N and PPP, "who in effect according to their ideology should be one party," the other clear cut ideologies are the Regional parties, the religious parties and the Insaaf parties " Imran, Ch Iftikhar and Aitzaz Ahsan should all become the central executive committee of the Tehreek-i-Insaaf...N is the only part that swings any which allies itself with the progressives, it plays hide and seek with the religious and in effect only wins elections from a region Re-impose the basic requirement of BA Give maximum autonomy to the provinces We can have all the missiles, and nuclear facilities...but if we do not have water , what good are they...Indians have not adhered to the agreement on Indus Water, the International court has not been able to give us we are left with only two options...beg the Lalla or blow up the Wullar, Baghilar and other dams being constructed...and if we can't, what are we maintaining such a large expense account for...India is giving free electricity in Indian Punjab to its is subsidising its fertiliser inputs...the electricity is being derived from waters, that were meant for forget water for electricity generation, we don't have sufficient water for irrigation and tomorrow we wont have it for drinking either. If we can't achieve these and other immediate requirements through the parliamentary form of government, than move asp to the Presidential form....And if we delay even on that , than the floodgates of the Taliban would be opened and this time round the salt range may not be able to stop the onslaught of the raiders , because ironically majority of the Imaam Masjids all across Pakistan are awans/maleks from this belt...? And our future generations can look forward to enjoying the hospitality of the "War Lords" and please do not for a moment confuse these with the existing hazrats, pirs, waderas, maleks, chaudhries, generals, industrial typhoons, bureaucrats or "judges" who have ruled and abused Pakistan and Pakistani's for six decades....these war lords will be a different breed altogether.