RAWALPINDI - Contrary to all tall claims by the district government and administration to ensure the provision of basic commodity, the flour shortage has once again hit the city as the poor citizens could be seen every where in bazaars and markets of the city in hunt of flour. A number of depressed people, who were busy in search of flour, expressed their grief concerns during a survey conducted by TheNation on Thursday over the failure of the new democratic government as well as city district government and district administration of controlling the price of even edibles. The life has become arduous for the poor as 20 kg flour bag is being sold at Rs 450 to Rs 470 against government fixed price of Rs 365 in the markets of Dhamial Road, Hayyal Village, Bakra Mandi, Dheri Hasanabad, Girja Road, Adiala Road, 22 Number Chungi and Tench Bhatta.   There is no check and balance over hoarders and accumulators by the authorities concerned.   A labour, Munir Khan, said that he has been searching flour for two days but could not get even one kilogram flour. He said that he even could not buy some substitute as prices of commodities were touching the sky. Moazam, a driver, said that he had no other choice to eat except flour. He said that the price of rice also increased, which could be imagining a substitute of flour. A shopkeeper of Chaudhry Keryana Store, Hayyal Village, on a question, said that flourmills did not supply them flour in much quantity. A large number of shopkeepers of the aforementioned areas were of views that owners of mills did not supply them flour. They said that the flour, actually the flourmills supplied them, was not eatable. "We cannot bear consumers' curse by selling this low quality flour", they added.   Muhammad Aziz, a shopkeeper of Masha Allah Keryana Store, at Ahmedabad, said that flour suppliers did as they wished. They provide us flour according to their own will. "I even could not provide flour to my family", Aziz claimed.   Zaman Keryana Store's owner Haji Zaman at Bakra Mandi Chowk said, "We bought hardly five 20 kg bags of flour in two days at the rate of Rs 371 and sold at Rs 375." When DCO Jamal Mustafa Syed for was contacted foir official comments, said that the problem of flour shortage would be resolved within two days. "I am going to Islamabad to attend a high-level meeting, that will be held in connection with flour shortage", the DCO said. Despite several attempts, District Nazim Raja Javaid Ikhlas was not available on his mobile phone and his cell phone was powered off.