KARACHI - With the rising oil prices, market value of edible items has also increased leaving housewives in difficulty in maintaining their household budget. Speaking to The Nation, Roshan Ara, a house wife, said, "Earlier things were not cheap but somehow we affordably manage the things within the monthly budget. Now the situation is totally opposite, only essential items I brought for my kitchen and ignore most of the items." Mrs Naila Karim said: "My son is the sole bread winner, with a family of six, and we all reside in the same place. From his monthly income, I use to buy enough food items for the kitchen, with an affordable range; but recently where my son has cut down on his petrol, I have cut down my grocery items. We used to eat meat four times a week, but now it is reduced to two times a week." Another young housewife Fatima Hussain commented, "I did not know how hard it will become for me to manage my kitchen, I recently join the bandwagon of young housewives and the alarming price hike has only made matters difficult for me to handle. Even fruits and vegetables are no longer cheap, I wonder how the poor feeds on." Interestingly, even one lamented the fact that the soaring prices have led one's life to difficult to live in a constrained budget. If the middle class is facing so grim situation than poor must really be suffering at a greater length. How can we then claim, that we hope for a people's friendly budget to come in June 2008.