Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a blunt new message that coincides with Israel's 60th anniversary urged his followers to liberate Palestine, a terrorism analyst told CNN on Friday. In a message titled "The Causes of Conflict on the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israeli Occupation," bin Laden reiterated jihadist opposition to the existence of the Jewish state and its policies. Bin Laden's audio message, released Thursday, told listeners that "liberating" Palestine should be the aim of every Muslim, according to terrorism analyst Laura Mansfield. The message, played over a still image on jihadist Web sites, runs 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Bin Laden decries characterization of Palestinian militant groups as terror organizations. He also says Israel has engaged in terror. "As your low values show double standards in one issue, you call the Palestinian organizations terror organizations. They were punished and ignored. "On the other hand, the Israelis were killing civilians from women and children, either through car bombs as in Haifa and elsewhere. Or what is worse than that, when the Zionist organizations massacred Palestinian villagers by scaring him, deporting them, and robbing their lands, what was your stance?" He singles out Menachem Begin, the late Israeli prime minister, and blames him for the events at Deir Yassin, a Palestinian Arab village where the killings of civilians occurred in 1948. "What was the Westerner's stance on this? Instead of being punished for those crimes, he was appointed prime minister. That wasn't enough for them; they presented him with the Nobel Peace Prize," he said. Today, bin Laden says, "we are living the massacre of Gaza," the Palestinian-controlled territory. Israeli troops and Palestinian militants from Gaza have been fighting and Israeli security moves have had severe humanitarian consequences. "It is happening in front of the eyes of the world. One and a half million individuals under the deadly bombing are dying slowly because of poor nutrition and scarcity of medicine," bin Laden said. "But your politicians require Egypt's ruler to provision the embargo on them to choke the weak and most of them are women and children." Bin Laden emphasizes the fighting will continue against "the Israelis and their allies, to obtain justice, to be fair to the ones mistreated." "We will not abandon one inch of Palestine, God willing, if there is one honest Muslim man left in this world," bin Laden said.