LAHORE - Terming the appointment of Salman Taseer as Punjab Governor controversial and part of another move orchestrated from the Presidency to destabilise the PML-N government in the province, the PML-N leadership has sought explanation from PPP government to clarify its role and position on the matter. However, the PPP said it consulted PML-N leaders over the appointment. Terming the new Governor unacceptable, Nisar made it clear that the PML-N would treat the new Punjab Governor in the same way as the party treated President Pervez Musharraf. He said this while addressing a hurriedly-called Press conference held at the residence of PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at Model Town here on Thursday. The party will determine its future line of action after the PPP clarifies its position in this regard, especially whether it was taken into confidence by the President or not, he added. He categorically said that PML-N was not in the loop as the decision to appoint Salman Taseer as Punjab Governor. He expressed his party's reservations over the issue, saying PPP should explain how all this happened. He said that the appointment of new Governor has highlighted the fears that President was hell-bent upon destroying the public mandate by undermining the coalition govt. He said that step would be followed by attempts to cripple the PML-N govt in the Punjab. After PML-N pulled out of the Cabinet on the judges' issue, it was widely feared that Punjab govt would be destabilized, he added. Now these apprehensions have come true, it seems, he said. With this appointment, season of horse-trading will start. Parallel efforts are also being made to change leadership of PML-Q, he added. He said that President has become very active to regain the control but PML-N would ruin his nefarious designs. 'We and people want the coalition govt to move ahead and we hope that future will be positive', he said. He termed Salman Taseer's character, politically and financially tainted. He said that Salman did not deserve this key post. He said that PML-N fought the political war against dictatorship and it was ready to do same with the chum of  the President. On the question of resignations, he said that 'we have resigned and are no more part of the Cabinet'. 'It is impossible to come back', he said ,adding, that PML-N would give second thought over the issue. He said that those who were believing, that PML-N would show flexibility on the issue, were involved in self-satisfaction. He said that 'we have opened a new chapter in politics by resigning on principles and we will continue with our stand with even greater fervour'. To a question, he said that PML-N would take to the streets and roads joining the movement for reinstatement of judges but the protesters would not take law and order in their hands. Responding to another question whether imposition of Governor's rule is likely in the province, he while ruling out this scenario said, had this been the design, than Khalid Maqbool would have been a better option. APP adds: PML-N central leader Ahsan Iqbal said Thursday that the party was not consulted over the appointment of new Governor in Punjab. "Nobody contacted the party leadership before announcement of the new administrator of the province," the PML-N Secretary Information and MNA said. Talking to mediamen after addressing a convocation at Margalla Girls College here, the PML-N leader said he "hoped" that no one also discussed this appointment with Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. Monitoring Desk adds: Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman has denied reports that the PML-N leaders were not consulted on the appointment of the new governor. Talking to a private TV channel , Sherry said the PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif was consulted before the appointment and PML-N had not shown any reservation at that time. She said that Ch Nisar perhaps would not be aware of the actual facts. APP adds: Salman Taseer was appointed Punjab Governor with PML-N consent as his name was the most appropriate among the suggested names, said PPP spokesman Farhatullah Babar on Thursday. Talking to a private TV channel, he said Asif Zardari had consulted Khawaja Asif and Punjab CM on Salman Taseer's appointment. He rejected any rift between Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif and said there were however people who wanted a rift between them. No efforts to create such a rift would succeed, the spokesman said. Replying to a question he said the ministerial slots vacated by cabinet embers belonging to PML-N would not be filled because the resignations had not been accepted by the Prime Minister and there was still hope that the PML-N would rejoin the government. "Efforts are being made to persuade the PML N to withdraw their resignations and would like to believe that these efforts would succeed", Babar said. Mubashir Hassan adds: The appointment of Salman Taseer as Punjab Governor, who is likely to take oath of his office on Friday (today), has given rise to bitter controversy, which, the analysts believe, may prove fatal for the fragile coalition that has already suffered a great set back after major disagreement between the PPP and the PML-N over modalities of restoring the deposed judges. After media broke the news of Salman's appointment, a perception was getting strong in political circles that President Musharraf had thrown a spanner in the work by this controversial appointment, which may cause further friction and misunderstanding between the two coalition partners. This proved true, as PML-N stalwart Ch Nisar Ali Khan Thursday strongly reacted to the appointment and termed it a conspiracy, which he said, was being hatched in the presidency to destabilise his party's Government in Punjab. While addressing a hurriedly called news conference in Lahore, Ch Nisar said that PML-N leadership was not taken into confidence before taking the decision. The PPP spokesperson Farhatullah Babar and Secretary Information Sherry Rehman, however, said that party chief Asif Ali Zardari had consulted the PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif about Salman's appointment. They said that Khawaja Asif was also on board about the development. When contacted for his comment on Ch. Nisar's outbursts against him, Salman Taseer said he did not want to say anything in this regard. When this scribe insisted on saying a few words over PML-N's reservations over his appointment as Punjab Governor, he again refused to make a comment, saying he did want to get into the controversy at the moment. A big business and media tycoon, Salman Taseer has personal rivalry with Sharif brothers. He was hung upside down in Sarwar Road Police station and brutally tortured by police on behest of Mian Nawaz Sharif when he published a white paper on the alleged corruption of Nawaz Government in 1992. Since then the two leaders are having a bad blood, but no manifestation of it has been witnessed so far in the open. Many within the PML-N believe that Salman has been planted in Punjab to conspire against PML-N Government and to create rift between the PPP and the PML-N to strengthen Musharraf's hold on power. It is also being said that that appointment of Salman as Punjab Governor has exposed the not-so-hidden nexus between the PPP and the Presidency. The dilly-dally on the part of PPP over judges issue has already made many to believe that PPP was fast distancing itself from its coalition partner and getting closer to President Musharraf. As he takes oath of his office at 6 pm today, Salman is being viewed more as Musharraf's man rather than a representative of federal government led by the PPP. As per sources, the PML-N may boycott the oath-taking ceremony today owing to the said reason. He also served as federal minister for commerce in the previous caretaker set up. Salman developed personal relations with Asif Zardari during 1987 cricket world cup held in Pakistan, as both were in the three-member management committee. Meanwhile, the elevation of Salman Taseer as Punjab Governor has put party secretary general Jehangir Badr off, as he was himself one of the hopefuls, and had always opposed Salman's entry into the PPP. It was mainly due to strong opposition by Mr Badr that Salman had been practically dissociated from the party for the last over 11 years. Salman Taseer has strong family terms with former Punjab Governor Khawaja Tariq Raheem, known as KTR in party circles, and PPP's former Punjab President Qasim Zia. After having joined the party in 1982-83, Salman was elected member Punjab Assembly on PPP ticket in 1988. He also took part in 1993 election, and contested on a National Assembly seat from Lahore, but could not make it to the National Assembly. He has also served as party's central secretary information. He worked as Editor daily Musawat from 1992 to 1994. Later, Sajjad Bukhari replaced him. Son of a renowned educationist Prof MD Taseer, Salman is also writer of a book, titled "Zulfikar Ali Bhutto-bachpan se takhta-e-dar tak", a biography of the party founder. He had to face criticism from party men, especially from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto over some of his remarks about the personal life of Z.A Bhutto, which were then termed character assassination of Bhutto. A close friend of Mr Taseer, ex-Senator Sajjad Bukhari while talking to The Nation, however, clarified that Taseer had lauded Bhutto as a well-dressed and lively person to portray himself as an independent and impartial writer on his life. His remarks were mistakenly considered as negative by certain party leaders, he added. Taseer is closely related to famous poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Salman's German mother, Christabel Bilquees and wife of Faiz Alys Faiz, are real sisters who came to Pakistan for promotion of Marxist ideas just before partition, but did not go back. Salman Taseer is owner of "Pace" chain of departmental stores, a telecommunication company. "World Call", a "Chartered Accountancy" firm and "Hayat Regency" chain of international hotels. One of his companies is also in the business of publishing two newspapers both in English and Urdu languages. Meanwhile, Governor Khalid Maqbool has tendered his resignation to the President. According to Spokesman of Governor House, Maqbool dispatched his resignation to the President on Thursday morning. Salman Taseer will be sworn in as the new Governor on Friday at 6 pm. The oath-taking ceremony will be held in the lawn of Governor's House. Khalid Maqbool took charge of his office as Punjab Governor in 2002. He remained as governor for the longest period of six and a half years.