Federal Law Minister, Farooq H Naek has said that the Parliament will decide the reinstatement of the deposed judges and the decision may come before the budget. Talking to the media here on Friday, he said the joint session of Parliament will be convened at the earliest in the light of Murree Declaration. He said: "Only the Parliament is competent to arrive at a decision with regard to the judges restoration," The drafted constitutional package proposes a number of constitutional reforms including taking of only one oath by the army chief and that is of his office, Farooq Naek said. He said the package proposes to restore all the powers to the Prime Minister that were transferred to the President under 17th amendment of the Constitution. The modus operandi of making amendments to the Constitution is also laid down in the package, he added. Farooq Naek said the judges who were kept under detention could themselves take legal action against those who were responsible for their (judges) detention. The total number of judges will become 27 after the restoration of deposed judges, he said. The previous Parliament had ratified the Provisional Constitution Order-2002, he pointed out, adding, however the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) should come about on Prime Minister's recommendation. He said regardless of who the CEC is, he should ensure that elections are held in free, fair and transparent manner.