ISLAMABAD - To ensure revival of poultry sector and to meet the requirements of poultry meat and eggs, the Pakistan Poultry Association has urged the government to immediately undertake policy reforms in poultry sector. The PPA has warned that failure would cause a huge loss to the sector.     Chairperson of PPA, Abdul Basit, while giving recommendations for budget 2008, said that the poultry industry bore huge loss of Rs 30.000 billion to Rs 35.000 billion during the 2006-07 due to bird flu rumours. He suggested for more investment in the poultry sector and to attract small and medium size poultry, farmers should be offered interest-free loans up to Rs one million. The PPA has recommended that 50 percent subsidy on import of H5N1 vaccination should be sanctioned.  He also suggested that Rs 3.000 million doses should always be made available in Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore, to tackle the situation. Rules and regulations should be finalised to ensure registration of new poultry farms. The NOC for establishment of new poultry farms must be got through Secretary of Livestock & Dairy Development Departments of all provinces. The PPA has also demanded that allocation of a sufficient amount for public awareness campaign must be allocated in the budget so that a comprehensive public awareness campaign could be carried out to create awareness about the bird flu amongst the general public.