LAHORE - President, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has appreciated the PPP proposal of tabling resolution on the deposed judges before the joint Parliament as a good political act to provide force to the executive order for the judges' restoration. Addressing a Press conference following a meeting of the executive committee of the Bar at his residence here Thursday, Aitzaz said a resolution carried by the joint parliament would not only lend credence to the executive order but send a good message to the army, judiciary, bureaucracy and Americans that it has been passed by the House which represents all the federating units and the centre. He said legal fraternity firmly believed that judges were 'restored' but they had been just stopped by General (r) Pervez Musharraf from resuming their functions and the resolution followed by an executive order, would be sufficient to put them back on job. Answering questions, Aitzaz said if judges were not restored, lawyers movement would continue and in this fourth phase of their drive, the time may also come when the deposed judges would also need to join them but remaining apolitical and out of media reach and maintaining their professional character. Aitzaz expressed his full commitment with the lawyers' movement even if it would oppose the government however, he maintained, he gave 40 years of his life to PPP for which he suffered all sort of hardships and jails therefore he would never quit the party and remain its staunch worker under all circumstances. He said lawyers wanted to see the Parliament strong and the democratic process in motion while, at the same, they repelled strengthening hand of Pervez Musharraf. He said November 3 act of Pervez Musharraf was 'criminal' against which lawyers launched a third phase of the movement and succeeded when Musharraf's political party was marginalised in the elections with only 15 per cent of the total seats in the NA. On his taking part in the by-election from NA-55, Rawalpindi, he said, he would do it only if PPP awarded him ticket. Even if he takes part in the elections, his firm commitment will remain with the lawyers' movement. At the same time he said, he would put the matter of his elections before All Pakistan Lawyers Representatives Convention on May 17 next to know whether lawyers had any objection to his taking part in the by-polls when his Bar in a meeting on April 24 last had already given him a go-ahead while many other bars through resolution had desired him to participate in the elections. He said although he differed with the party leadership on the modality for judges' restoration yet he would remain a PPP worker and its loyalist as he has been throughout his campaign for the restoration of deposed judges. As to taking part in election, he said, he would go for it with dignity only. The PPP, he said, also recognises his difference. To a question on the efforts to woo the deposed judges back to the judiciary, he said, such offer was made to Lahore and Sindh judges and added, any judge joining the office leaving Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary would be deemed a PCO judge who would also lose respect in the public eye. To a question on the lawyers' boycott of the February 18 elections, he said, he was under house arrest at that time, yet he had opposed that decision through a letter on December 5 which stated that the boycott was futile if two major political parties were taking part in the elections. But Pakistan Bar Council decided to boycott the elections. Answering a question on the American role to restrain the reinstatement of the judges, he said, American government was 'micromanaging' our affairs as on every matter in Pakistan US officials were arriving here which was causing great concern to the people. But he said with the pains, the American government did not speak a word when the CJ Chaudhry and his family was kept in detention for five months when the whole American nation was expressing sympathies with him and showing grave concern. He said it was the US administration and not the American people giving a cold shoulder to the restoration issue. In the movement, he said, lawyers would not burn the flag of any country as it injured feelings of that people which favoured lawyers' cause.