LAHORE - Lawyers, civil society, students and others at Minar-e-Pakistan Thursday approved a resolution against the November 3 PCO of General Pervez Musharraf and declared void and unconstitutional the sacking of the judges following the same. The resolution drafted to perfection by Barrister Dr Farooq Hassan, was presented to the crowd at Minar-e-Pakistan by the Save Judiciary Committee through its chairman Abdul Rashid Qureshi. The resolution has come through the committee after the Parliament failed to resolve the matter of restoration of judges despite two time promise made for it by the coalition partners, said Qureshi in his address before the resolution was carried. 'Restoration of Judiciary and Democracy Resolution' negated a vibrant and living democracy in the absence of an independent judiciary and pledged on behalf of the people for their establishment in the best interest of fully observing the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance, fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before the law, social, economic and political justice and freedom of thought, expression, belief and faith, worship, and association, and social justice. It stated in the recent past, civil society, media, legal fraternity, took a monumental struggle against the 'fascist forces of a dictatorial regime,' giving tremendous sacrifices to bring about rule of law and sanctity of the constitutional through an independent judiciary, in the way of which many judges (deposed) have also suffered along with their family members. The resolution has declared the November 3 action as 'most unconstitutional actions ever taken in the political history' of the country wherein over 60 judges of the superior judiciary were unconstitutionally throw out of the office. It said in the February 18 election, people of the country decisively rejected such 'atrocious actions of despotism' by bringing into the fore the representatives of the democratic forces. The resolution declared, that all members of the judiciary, unlawfully prevented from doing their judicial works, are to resume their duties to the people of Pakistan. That November 3 action General Pervez Musharraf is 'void and of no legal effect' consequently, all the judges prevented from doing their lawful work stand automatically restored since the political sovereign, the people of Pakistan, gave their clear verdict on the issue through February 18 elections. The resolution called upon the chosen representatives to proceed against the 'usurpers and all those aided and abetted this unconstitutional assault on the very foundations of civilized people and through which they violated the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Pakistan" in accordance with the law. They resolution also carried that lawyers would take the deposed judges to the courts in a procession so that they can resume their judicial functions.