LAHORE - Two investigation teams have been constituted to resolve the mystery of triple murder in which some unknown persons in Misri Shah area assassinated three members of a family including a 3-year-old minor on last Wednesday. On Thursday, the police remained clueless about the tragedy, however, saying that it was a blind murder. Reportedly, the killers murdered a local businessman Farooq's wife, Rehana (27), his son Zeeshan (3) and his mother Meraj Bibi at his Aziz Road residence in Farooq's absence. Soon after the incident, his 11-month-old daughter was recovered from a cupboard of the room, probably, hidden there by the parents to save her life. SP Investigation Pervaiz Qandhari told The Nation that two independent teams have been formed to investigate the incident. A team comprised of SHO Misri Shah, Incharge Investigation and other policemen and headed by the DSP Misri Shah has been constituted while DSP CIA City Circle Amjad Mahmood Qureshi heads the other team of CIA officials. The teams will conduct investigations on different aspects. The teams are investigating the aspect whether the three inmates have been murdered in a robbery attempt while paying resistance to the dacoits or the dacoits had placed glass and jug half full with seasonal drink to mislead the police. The team headed by the DSP Misri Shah has been assigned to investigate the matter while keeping in view the possibility of house robbery. The other team headed by DSP CIA City Amjad Mahmood Qureshi will investigate the case in view of old enmity elements. The police team is also collecting particulars of the close relatives, friends and business partners of the head of the victim family. A complete data of family members' cell phone calls and calls (outgoing or received) on landline number will also be collected. The SP police investigation said that the jug and glasses filled with seasonal drink showed that perhaps the family knew the intruders. The SP, however, claimed that according to the information gathered regarding the family background of the victims, chances of old enmity are very bleak. Pervaiz Qandhari disclosed that the investigation officers had recovered a bowl from the table of a room that was carrying fingerprints of some suspects. The police, however, found no fingerprint on the jug or three glasses that were taken into custody on the day of incident due to moisture on the outer sides of the jug and glasses, he said. "The bowl is a ray of hope that can lead the investigation officers to the killers," the SP said. He said that they were trying their best to resolve the mystery. The police officers believed that it seemed a pre-planed incident. A magazine of bullets that was also recovered from the residence showed that the killers were professional criminals. Investigations were underway and the police officers were using all professional skills to resolve the issue, the SP said. The police said that post-mortem had been conducted and its report would be handed over to the investigation officers on Friday (today).