We always cry for corruption in departments and curse those who involve in this menace but we never bother to investigate why departments are steep declining financially and showing worse performance. It is fact that few corrupt Pakistan Railways officials sent to incarceration as they plundered national resources but the pity is that we have never been pointing out those authorities who installed corrupt and dishonest officials at high ranks in different departments since the inception of Pakistan. It is fact that head of states always install high-ranked officials as chiefs of different departments around the world. Our country is also no exception but the dark side of the fact is that our successive heads of state never bothered to investigate the background of an official while deploying him as chief of department. By following the wrong traditions of successive government, the current government selected a non-technical official as General Manager of Pakistan Railways who, in a bid to please his Minister and other relevant high-up authority, never took right decisions at right time to generate maximum revenue for the cash-striped Pakistan Railways. Instead, he chalked out a plan to suspend the services of almost 120 passengers trains and as a result, it is claimed, Pakistan Railways incurred loses of Rs 10 billion in a single year. On account of inefficiency, incompetency and no fear of accountability of previous General Manager, a DMG group bureaucrat, the performance of PR remained at the lowest ebb. The official statistics revealed that in freight service, PR income reduced up to Rs 703.774 million in first three month of 2011 as compared to Rs 1,866.257 in the corresponding period of last year showing a decline in the income of just freight service up to Rs 1,162.493 million. And if we analyze last nine months, we would be amazed to find out that this decline in freight service income touches to the mark of Rs 3 billion as income in 2010 remained Rs 5,426.603 million as compared to Rs 2,402.776 in 2011. Likewise, in passenger sector, PR has to bear above Rs 6 billion rupees losses due to suspension of trains. The question is that who is responsible for this massive Rs10 billion decline of Pakistan Railways income within just one year and either the offender has been subjected to punishment? The answer is absolutely No. The second question is either those who supported him also rendered for accountability for the crime of appointing such an idle and non-productive officials? The answer once again is No. Is it not a crime to make dent in a department by depriving of it from its revenue? Is it not a crime bigger than corruption? The illogical and irrational steps taken by these incompetent officials have pushed Pakistan Railways to the wall. Resultantly, PR financial deficit has mounted to around Rs 40 billion. A report shows that department has 16,433 carriage wagons for commercial purposes, out of which 8,005 have become out of order. In fact, to get kicks backs but on the pretext to increase its revenue, the PR has decided to import an additional 530 carriage wagons, while the department had already imported 1,300 commercial carriages from China. The trend of purchasing locomotive, machinery and spare parts from local and international markets is on the rise as it gives kick backs to corrupt officials. The department has reached at the verge of complete collapse but corrupt officials are on the spree of plundering PRs resources. The cash-hungry PR hs been made to beg bailout package as given to PIA and Pakistan Steel Mill. It would not be out of place to mention here that due to suspension of passenger trains, PR income decreased manifold but its expenditures remained the same while no austerity measures were carved out to help support this sinking titanic. The pity is that despite reduced revenue means, high-ups of PR have allocated Rs 5.982 billion for repairs and maintenance of commercial and passengers wagons for Railways during the ongoing fiscal year 2010-11 out of its total budget while Rs 800 million for rehabilitation of Railways tracks under the rehabilitation plan, against the estimated cost for the project at Rs 9.405 billion, Rs 200 million for doubling of the track on Lodhran-Khanewal section with Foreign Exchange Component (FEC) of Rs 150 million against the total demand of Rs 3.297 billion for the same project, and Rs.250 million for procurement/manufacture of 530 high capacity wagons with FEC of Rs 20 million against the total estimated cost of Rs 4.134 billion. It is said that as per the rules and procedures of the Finance Ministry, the finance division would release 20 percent amount of the total budget of railways amounting to Rs 12.5 billion for the first quarter (July-September) of financial year, 2010-11, while funds under the PSDP would now be released only for those projects which are near to completion. The rampant of corruption can be judged by the fact that despite generating a handsome revenue, the department has no authentic means to pay salaries to its lower staff on due dates and it has become a routine practice that a huge chunk of employees have no option but to go back their respective homes with empty pockets on salary day as PR cheques always bounce backed due to non-availability of funds in account. The responsible officials of Pakistan Railways term the non-availability of fund due to short fall of revenue on the back of huge expenditures. They said that a huge gape exists between earning and expenditure that amounts near to Rs200 million monthly. It is said that total revenue of Pakistan Railways was Rs1.249 billion in March 2011 while expenditures were stated to be more than 1.550 billion rendering Pakistan Railways unable to pay off its staff of salaries. It is to be noted that around 45,000 PR workers belongs to the class four cadre and usually remained the victim of non-payment of salaries. The Pakistan Railways has a very strange bureaucratic procedure of paying off the salaries. The officers cadre is being paid on every first date of the month while station staffers are being paid on 5th or 6th of every month where as running staff get salaries on 9th and 10th of each month and the class four employees receive salaries on 14th and 15th of each month. It is fact that state-owned Pakistan Railways provides transportation facilities across the country and is a great integrating force that forms the lifeline of the country by catering its needs for large-scale movement of people and cargo but corruption and below-than-required functioning of its high-up have ruined its performance as it faces a loss of Rs28 billion during the financial year, up from Rs23 billion a year ago. It is suggested that while making appointment above grade 19 in PR, government should deploy such technocrat who had vast experience and good reputation and avoid to appoint DMG group officials who do not have technical know-how and run the affairs according to the wishes of their higher authority.