ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is using old methods for cutting grass, grwon on road sides. The CDA workers are seen using iron swords for grass cutting, which may ahve certain risks.  They move the sword left and right for cutting without caring for the passersby and motorists on the roads. Salman Alvi, a resident commented that this manual method of grass cutting was very old and not fit for removing grass from vast areas of the federal capital. He said that CDA still lacked latest technology and alleged it seemed there had been no interest to equip the institution with latest tools.

Amjad Ali a motor biker said, “I was riding my bike on the road, suddenly a stone, thrown by the cutting sword, hit me.” “Had I not been wearing helmet, certainly my head would  have injured,” he added.  Another car driver, Saqib Shah said that these old methods, were putting vehicles on roads at risk. When contacted, a CDA official replied, “We do have latest technology but it could only be used in developed and plain areas.” He said that grass cutters could not be used in un-balanced areas of the Capital where tall trees and bushes have grown.