Pakistan is a blessed country in the sense that it has a large courier and logistics sector that not only connects 200 million people residing within its borders but also the world through international services. I am a retired person now and I remember that some 30 years back, it was difficult to get a letter across to another city within Pakistan, much less a place in the rural areas. We used to be at the mercy of the post office that would take ages to get a letter across. We were not even sure that the letter would actually reach its destination because there were all the chances of it being lost or left rotting in some part of the local post office. The courier industry came and changed all this. When my friend applied for admission to some American universities a few years back, she sent her applications by courier and they reached the addresses in a matter of three to four days. 

I understand that all this is changing now and the post office is again being given charge of postal services in the country. I do not understand that while the world is going forward and Pakistan too has such an advanced courier service, why are we going backwards and again bringing forward a department of the government, the post office, which has demonstrated its incompetence, inefficiency and corruption, time and again? 


Karachi, April 20.