­Islamabad - After an intense war of words between PML-N supporters and opponents in the wake of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent statement on Mumbai attacks, the social media has turned into a new arena with both the groups locking the horns.

The uproar triggered by Sharif’s interview gradually turned ugly on the web after the National Security Council’s declaration. The prime minister’s and Punjab chief minister’s clarifications further complicated the situation.

Despite strong attacks by the PML-N’s supporters or its social media wing, the hawks infested developed and spread ideas questioning the very loyalty of the former prime minister, while some tried to exploit the situation by pushing their own political agendas.

No one should have should have a doubt about Nawaz Sharif being a traitor. “Whoever is trying to save him, be it Shahid Khaqan Abbasi or Shehbaz Sharif, they are all traitors of the country,” said a user named Cyber Soldier. Among a plethora of venomous tweets there was some defending Nawaz Sharif by asking some more pointed questions.

Some suggested that the whole crisis was built-up by distorting the Sharif’s statement to cover-up NAB’s recent allegation and escape US killer – Colonel Joseph- from Pakistan.

“Netizen syedhussnainsy1” asked Nawaz Sharif “whether he has any realization that by his statement he was helping India and others - who have been alleging Pakistan of supporting terrorism”.

Syedsajjad requested army to “take action against Nawaz and hang him for playing with his beloved country and emotions of thousands of Pakistanis”.

Journalists usually don’t become party to anyone but on internet many swept in emotions. Moeed Pirzada wrote “Nawaz Sharif is not only hurting PMLN, all politics and Pakistan’s interests but also insulting a nation’s intelligence; a disgraced politician kicked out of office for lying and corruption is demanding a “National Commission” to divert attention away from his “corruption cases.”

Murtaza Solangi, expressed that “Pakistan is not being grey listed because of the statement of Nawaz Sharif”. He said the decision was made by FATF in late February because “we are isolated and nobody trusts us”. “Muzzling Nawaz won’t put you on the white list, taking action against terrorists will.” 

Author and journalist Ayesha Siddiqa said, “we could curse Nawaz Sharif for many things but for his statement has anyone commenting freestyle even read jihadi material and how they boost about their partnership with state institutions.”

Hamid Mir in his tweet reminded Nawaz Sharif that “after visiting him in hospital he ordered defence minister to file a treason reference against Geo in PEMRA, but even then he will not approve treason allegation against Nawaz Sharif.”

Anchor Kamran Khan opined that “Nawaz Sharif was on his way to political suicide collateral damage include PMLN Khaqan, Shahbaz and probable election defeat for party.”

“Pad up Imran Khan 75 days to go”, Khan continued.

Netizen Sidrah Memon questioned that “if Musharraf, IK and General Durrani can accuse Pakistan of anything but when nawaz sharif speaks up he is accused of treason because his opponents cannot beat him in politics.”

ANP’s Bushra Gohar re-tweeted Yousaf Nazar that “National security council should stop terming every news as a threat to national security. This immature, xenophobic and paranoid attitude must change if Pakistan wants to become a modern, peaceful and progressive state.”

Afrasyab Khattak re-tweeted that “there was no announcement by any state institution about curfew in Waziristan. No news in the “free” media. But there is curfew there making life difficult for Pashtuns who have rejected both terrorism and tyranny. They refuse to suffer in silence.”

Some PML-N supporters asked that if the Sharif’s statement has brought shame to the country what about the presence of Osama Bin laden in Abbottabad.