Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has inaugurated the test run of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT).

He boarded the train from Islam Park station which completed the test run from Islam Park to Chowk Laxmi successfully.

Chinese Consul General, ministers, assembly members, and a large number of people were present on the occasion. Talking on the occasion, Shahbaz Sharif said that orange line metro train in Lahore is a glowing and immortal example of Pakistan-China friendship.

Lahore has become the pioneering Metro Train City of Pakistan. Had PTI not created hurdles in this mega public welfare project, lakhs of people would have been using this metro train. This is the project of common man and has been much delayed due to PTI.

On the occasion, it was informed that the total length of orange line metro track is 27.12 kilometers. Out of it, 25.4 kilometers track is elevated while 1.72 kilometers track has been made underground to protect the historical places.

Orange line metro train (OLMT) has 26 stations. 24 stations are made at the height of 12 meters whereas two stations are constructed underground. The number of trains is 27 and each train has five bogies.

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This train will complete 27 kilometers distance from Ali Town to Dera Gujran in just 45 minutes. It may be added that train will pass through the congested areas of the city where more than 2.5 lakh passengers daily travel. Within next few years, orange line metro train will facilitate five lakh passengers daily.

At the start of this project, tendering was done in spite of government-to-government agreement and Rs.69 billion were saved by Punjab government through post-bidding whereas around Rs.6 billion were also saved in local tendering in collaboration with the Chinese government.

The project was divided in four packages to expedite the construction work. Metro train track is being constructed under package-I and II while depot and stabling yard are being constructed under package-III and IV respectively.

The construction work started on October 25, 2015 and construction work started on January 22, 2016 for the depot at Dera Gujran and stabling yard in Ali Town. Up till now, more than 88 percent construction work has been completed. 94 percent work of package-I from Dera Gujran to Chauburji, 84 percent work of package-II from Chauburji to Ali Town, 89 percent work of package-III depot and 91 percent work of construction of package-IV stabling yard has been completed. The Chinese made metro train bogies are air-conditioned and comfortable.

Each train consists of five bogies and each bogie is 20 meters long with 60 seats. Separate seats are allocated for women, senior citizens and special persons. 200 passengers can travel in each bogie and public address system is also installed for the convenience of the passengers.

The doors of the electric train are fully automatic and doors are also installed at the platform to ensure double safety of the passengers.

Installation of electric accelerators is in full swing to help the needy to reach the platform easily. All the 27 train sets have been imported and 14 of them are placed at Dera Gujran while 13 are parked at stabling yard of Ali Town.

The second test run of Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore is being held today. 

The Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion in his tweet message said the test run of Orange Line Metro Train is a milestone towards the completion of the project.

He said it marks the start of a new era of the public transport system in Pakistan and will ease mobility of our students, women, labourers, businessmen and other segments of society.