There is a saying that the past can for tell the future, which basically means that the past actions of a person or organization can give you a good idea about their future actions. Nawaz Sharif has had the pleasure of being the Prime Minister of our country two times before the current stint, albeit both times he was unceremoniously relieved of his service. During the first tenure Nawaz Sharif started the M-2 Motorway project and inaugurated it in his second tenure in Nov 1997, which turned out to be the most expensive motorway of Asia.

To celebrate this new motorway, Mr Nawaz Sharif, an advent lover of motor vehicles, especially Mercedes Benz, allowed a special Zero tax on import of all Mercedes Benz for three months, and during this time he and his family ordered 56 Mercedes Benz motorcars. This special facility was closed after all vehicles were imported and Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his family did not need to pay any tax on their expensive cars.

Now once again Mr Nawaz Sharif, in his unprecedented third term in PM office, has decided to increase electricity production in Pakistan. The PM and his brother have announced the installation of Pakistan first and biggest Solar Power plants in Punjab. These Solar Power plants are being licensed to foreign companies, without any tender or competition, and with each approval of Solar Power plant license, the Government of Pakistan is providing guarantee to the new license holder, that Pakistan will pay the license holder Rs 24 per unit of energy produced and the Government also guarantees to pay a fixed capacity charge for the next 15-25 years, irrespective of any energy produced by them.

The new Solar Power plants will provide electricity for Punjab only, while all Pakistani consumers will have to pay for the high rate of energy (26 Rs. per unit versus 13 Rs for Hydel). Similarly the licenses are being handed without tenders or scrutiny resulting in corrupt practices. No country in the world is relying on Solar Power for its energy needs, because this technology is too expensive and weak. Gas, Coal, Wind, Hydel etc are cheaper, more versatile and efficient energy producing sources but the Sharif brothers are not pursuing these as effectively as they are pursuing the Solar Power plants. Makes you wonder if once again special circumstances are being made to help the Sharif brothers get income from this project which will go right into their pockets, leaving the common man footing the expensive bill.


Peshawar, November 6.