One student, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world; this message was given by a teenager who moved the world. On October10, 2014 the world recognized and awarded Malala with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. But let’s rewind the events and we find a host of right-wing and religious leaders emitting venom and hatred — terming the attack on her as a staged drama, her months long treatment and complex face surgery as fraud, her being an agent of the West, working against the true followers of Islam. Her July 12, 2013 speech at the UN (celebrated by the UN as World Malala Day) angered many right-wingers in Pakistan on her reference to Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela as source of inspiration and compassion. Her speech was negated by chief minister Punjab as something for ‘global consumption’. Launching ceremony of her biography was cancelled in her home province, KPK, by no one else but by the PTI-JI government. It’s true, hatred sees no boundaries; it overcomes compassion, decency, logic and human values.

It’s an honour for Pakistan to present the world with this fresh young face and prove that we are against terrorism, she stands for children’ education, especially girl’s education and wants to protect the weak segments of our society such as children, women and religious minorities. What an ungrateful nation which celebrates OBL, Hakeem Mehsud and Mumtaz Qadri as its heroes, but rejects its Nobel Prize winner as West’ conspiracy against Islam. Do we need to mention how the last resting place of the only other Pakistani Nobel prize winner stand desecrated, it’s the same mentality which felt no shame in attacking a 14 years old girl, only because she voiced for her rights.


SAUDI ARAB, October 11.