The first trade cargo from China arrived to Gwadar on November 14, 2016 and of course it was a moment of ecstasy for both the civil government and the military. The much awaited dream of CPEC has been translated into reality. The 46-billion-dollar project, a symbol of Pak-China friendship has not only opened the vistas of development for whole Pakistan but the countries of South East Asia, Central Asia, and Africa will get equal benefit from it. In the midst of several controversies raised by anti-Pakistan forces, the successful launch of Gwadar port strengthens the impression that propagandists got defeated at the face of reality due to government’s commitment to make Pakistan a peaceful and economically developed country. These are not mere talks but the facts and figures support this. As for as the development of Gwadar city is concerned, government has allocated 25 billion rupees. The whole development will be carried out under safe city project and a power project of 300 megawatts is being constructed to provide electricity to Gwadar city. This fact is in contrast to the propaganda that western route is not included in CPEC. However, the process has been started, it needs more hard work and commitment to complete the task. 


Lahore, November 14.