Mumps is a viral infection of salivary glands and effects children with weak immune systems. Due to MMR mumps virus have reduced in United States in 99%. Approximately 82 countries are utilising MMR vaccine and in those countries mumps virus has disappeared. Mumps virus can be transmitted by the respiratory secretions and mumps virus will travel from respiratory tract to our saliva glands and reproduces, causing the glands to swell. Mumps or coughing, using the same cutlery and plates of an infected person, sharing food and drink with someone who is infected. The mumps virus can capture people within up to 15 days (6 days before the symptoms start and 9 days after they start). I request to the people to give MMR vaccine to their children while they are one year or older and the mumps virus should be successfully eradicated from our country.


Turbat, October 16.