Water convers some 70% of the Earth’s surface and is essential for life. Globally, 89% of people have access to suitable water for drinking. About 1.8 billion people still use an unsafe drinking water. The lack of clean drinking water leads to several health complications and even results in many fatalities especially in the infant population. Every year in Pakistan a large number of its children under the age of 5 die due to lack of clean drinking water. Pak Electron Limited (PEL) is a Pakistani electrical goods manufacturer company based in Lahore. The PEL has installed water dispensers throughout Lahore for a humanitarian initiative that would help bring the provision of clean and cold water to the masses. This activity has raised awareness and inspired many others to follow PEL’s assertiveness for performing good deeds. This is just random act of kindness by the PEL. I urge upon the management of PEL to execute this activity in all major cities of Pakistan. 


Faisalabad, October 16.