ISLAMABAD-Durust Daam mobile application does offer considerable rates for good quality commodities, but the service lacks refund or customer feedback policy in case of any mistake in the order.

The application was lately launched by the government to facilitate the consumers by delivering basic commodities like wheat, bread, fruits, vegetables etc. at their doorstep. The application also offers considerably lower rates for these commodities than many normal markets.

This initiative had been launched following the prime minister’s direction to mitigate the inflation effects on the daily use of commodities for ordinary consumers. Price hike has been a great concern for the government and the issue was discussed in repeated cabinet meetings.

In an exclusive talk with The Nation, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad told that the commodities were to be sold at the DC rates via this new application and with ensured quality.

This correspondent ordered a few commodities through this newly launched government application. The application showed a total bill of Rs1,699 for 12 different fruits and vegetables. The order included orange, guava, banana, apple, carrot, spinach, cucumber, tinda, peas, tomato, onion, and potato in different amounts and weights. The delivery was fast but faulty. The commodities which the rider delivered were also fresh and good in quality. However, the order was not complete as 1 kilogram of both guava and tinda were missing but the price was still charged.

The service had charged over Rs150 for these two commodities but did not deliver it. When the correspondent tried to report the problem, there was no apparent procedure showed in the application.

The quality and the prices of the commodities offered in the application are very charming. But to improve the service and to make it successful, the application should also work on its customer feedback policy or refund policy in case of any mistakes in the order.

The Nation had also learnt that the rider is not allowed to handover the receipt to the costumer as per the application policy as the receipt is also stored in the order list of the customer’s application account.