LAHORE - The Dialysis Centre at Lahore General Hospital, one of the largest such facilities in the public sector in Punjab, has no technician to look after expensive equipment donated by philanthropists to facilitate needy kidney patients.

Besides that, there is no nephrology ward to facilitate patients needing admission, causing referral of such cases to one of the medical wards.

“In case of any fault or difficulty in operating dialysis machines, there is no qualified technician for troubleshooting. Presence of one technician during a shift can help removing minor malfunctioning before it can lead to expensive equipment going out of order. As such dialysis machines are at risk due to hospital not hiring services of technicians for three shifts,” said a doctor at dialysis center of LGH who wanted not to be quoted.

“Dialysis centre at Jinnah Hospital is the ideal. This is being run with the financial support of Sheikh Ijaz Ahmed Trust. The philanthropist has hired qualified staff for smooth functioning of the largest state of the art dialysis centre in the province.

“Probably, bureaucratic red tapism is the hurdle to appointment of technicians at LGH. Apparently, the management is also not interested as this problem could be resolved with the financial help of philanthropists,” the doctor added.

He further pointed out hardship of patients needing admission in case of any complication during dialysis. “Absence of nephrology ward in the close vicinity of dialysis centre is causing doctors to refer complicated cases to medical ward. Ideally there should be a nephrology ward alongside dialysis centre like the one at Jinnah Hospital.”

Presently, 32 dialysis machines are installed at LGH. The Centre is providing dialysis facilities to kidney patients in three shifts.