SADIQABAD- After sweeping all by and local bodies elections, the PML-N has got a majority to clinch the slot of chairman Rahim Yar Khan district council.

“Besides newly elected N-chairmen, a number of others, elected as independent candidates, have also declared to support PML-N in the contest.”

It was crux of different meetings and media briefings held here by the PML-N office bearers to review the preparedness of the party to get its candidate elected as district council chairman.

Talking to a delegation of newly-elected N-chairmen, PML-N leader Sardar Azhar Khan Leghari informed to launch an effective campaign to win other candidates’ trust and persuade them for the election of N-candidate.

On the other hand, N-leaders and councillors Mian Farhad Ali, Ch Sajid, Rasheed Gondal and Ch Ashfaq said that the PML-N has been strengthened under the local leadership of Standing Committee on Water and Power chairman Sardar Arshad Leghari. They said that the PML-N had won 70 seats in the LB polls, adding at least 16 councillors, elected as independent candidates, have also declared to support N-league in the contest, making the way clear for N to win the slot of district council chairman. He expressed his optimism that N-candidate Mian Bashir Ahmed would win the election after being awarded ticket by the party elders.

Meanwhile, PML-N leader Abdul Saboor Ch addressed the media that the PPP cannot compete the PML-N in the contest, saying besides having majority, two PTI candidates are also supporting N for the contest. He said that the PPP has not enough majority and support to win the contest. He said with the public assistance, the PML-N had won the general and all the by-elections, saying the public has understood the PPP politics of lies and false promises and they would elect N-candidate as a district council chairman.