Rawalpindi-The efforts of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Rawalpindi chapter, to win support of public for making Islamabad lockdown successful have gained momentum in the city.

In this regard, the PTI MPAs and leaders have been conducting door to door visits and holding corner meetings to woo public support. The party men are displaying banners in every nook and corner of the city, besides distributing pamphlets among the people to prepare them to march towards Islamabad. The public assured the PTI of their full support.

“PTI Chief Imran Khan has not given the call to lock down Islamabad for attaining any personal interest but he wants to kick out the corrupt rulers and end the kingship of Sharif family,” said PTI MPA Arif Abbasi and party leaders including Haroon Hashmi, Zia Kausar Malik, Syed Shahid Gillani and Amjad Rajpoot while talking to The Nation yesterday. They said the gang of corrupt rulers have been weakening the institutions and have pushed the country on verge of destruction. They said the federal capital would not be locked down for one or two days; rather their protest would remain continue until ouster of the rulers. “This step of PTI will not harm democracy; rather it will strengthen and flourish the democracy,” they said. They said Panama Leaks-tainted rulers have no right to govern the masses. They said the PML-N and PPP have allegedly made a nexus to rule over Pakistan one after another.

MPA Arif Abbasi said no other party came on road against corruption, nepotism and suppression but only the PTI did this. He said, “We would not let Nawaz Sharif escape from accountability since he was involved in corruption.”

PTI District President Haroon Hashmi said the PML-N came into power through rigging in general elections and PTI Chief Imran Khan has been fighting against the rulers for the last three years for rights of people of Pakistan. “Raiwind march was a starter and now PTI will get rid of Panama Leaks-tainted rulers,” he said.

The other leaders said the PTI Rawalpindi will host all the participants of Islamabad lockdown.