HYDERABAD - Rural women comprise approximately 43 percent of the agricultural labour force in the world and they constitute over a quarter of the total world population.

This was stated by Chairperson and Executive Director of "Association for betterment and development of Human Being" (ABAD) Rafia Banghish while talking to APP in connection with the "World Rural Women Day" observed on October 15. Banghish said that rural women constitute over a quarter of the total world’s population.

Considering the fact that 76 per cent of extreme poor lived in rural areas, it was important to empower rural women by giving them access to productive agriculture in order to decrease world hunger and poverty.

In order to acknowledge the efforts of rural women in enhancing agricultural and rural development, the United Nations (UN) celebrates the International Day of Rural Women on October 15 each year.

Banghish underlined the need of elimination for gender discrimination as well as torture and social injustice with women. The country could not move the right direction of progress and prosperity unless the participation of the fifty percent population.

She called upon the women representatives to play their vital role in the improvement of socio - economic condition of the fifty percent population both in urban and rural parts of the country.

Sindhi writer, human rights activist and professor Amar Sindhu called upon all the organizations working for betterment of women to bridge the gap between urban and rural women to bring all women into the mainstream and make them equal participants in the society.

She said that traditionally, women day is being celebrated in all big cities, leaving the rural women as unaware about their rights and responsibilities.

Amar Sindhu said that due to rural and so called tribal cultures, the women of rural areas were experiencing many social and economical problems including menace of Karo-Kari which has made them insecure. 

The Programme Manager at Development Awareness and Management of Natural Resource (DAMAN) Krishna Lal has said that rural women, especially young rural girls are facing many problems due to poverty, lack of awareness and protection. She urged the government to initiate schemes and programs for the welfare of young rural girls, who unfortunately are forced to get married at an early stage of their life.

Prominent social activist Professor Arfana Mallah has said that independent women farmers face problems in marketing of their agricultural products, grains, vegetables and fruits.

She urged upon the government to provide short-term loans, seeds and other facilities to rural women to make them economically vibrant.

Prof: Arfana said that not only this particular day in a year but each day is of women and each day starts with a woman. Indeed woman is a great source of power that interacts and unites the whole society and family with her love, affection, humanity and courage.

She emphasized that womans movement does not mean infinite freedom but it is about the protection of women's rights and their dignified position in the society.

In-charge Women Development Department (WDD) Syeda Qurat Shah has said that Islam is the only religion which provides all rights to each and everyone and by following the Islamic teaching, we could solve our all social problems.

She expressed solidarity with all the women who are struggling for their pride, honour and respect.